Laboratory freezer GT Series - 2 Pages

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Laboratory freezer GT Series

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Chest Freezer for laboratory Variable temperature range -14°C and -26°C Clean external analogue display Efficient and environmentally-friendly refrigerants Robust baskets No-Frost system reduces frosting of the interior and the freezer contents Interior light White coated sheet steel housing The heavy-duty lock Structural specifications Internal and external structure data External material white Door material steel Internal material commercial grade moulded Controller data Temperature display external analogue Keylock standard equipment Model code variations Interior volume Door material External material Temperature Description Model code 300 300 liters, steel door and white external material GT300 400 steel white -14...-26°C 400 iters, steel door and white external material GT400 500 500 liters, steel door and white external material GT500 F.lli Delia Marca S.r.l. 1 FDM reserves the right to modify its equipment at any time Environment Makers without updating this manual.

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Chest Freezer for laboratory Technical specifications External dimensions [WxDxH mm] Internal dimensions [WxDxH mm] Temperature data Temperature range [°C] Measures Net capacity [liters] Controller data Type of control Cooling data Cooling system Defrost Illumination data Interior light Shelf grid data Baskets Alarm data Warning alarm Sound power data Sound power level [dB] Electrical data Connection rating [A] Rated Voltage [V] F.lli Della Marca S.r.l. Environment Makers FDM reserves the right to modify its equipment at any time without updating this m

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