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Key benefits and features • Streamline your testing procedure by performing a complete anesthesia machine PM with one test setup • Avoid confusion and improve efficiency with auto-detection of anesthetic agents and color-matched gas identification • Reduce bulk and improve ease of transport with a convenient carrying case for the lightweight accessory and gas flow module • Operate on-the-go with durable, robust design • Simplify calibration and servicing with one manufacturer for all anesthesia test equipment • Reduce testing time with 7-in. color touch screen, quick-connect fitting and complete anesthesia hosing accessory kit • Confidently test with accuracy that meets vaporizer manufacturer recommendations The Fluke Biomedical VT900A + VAPOR is designed to efficiently and reliably perform a full anesthesia machine PM, from ventilators to vaporizers. One Solution VT900A + VAPOR is a comprehensive test setup that can be used to test anesthesia machine ventilators and vaporizers. All flow, concentration and pressure parameters are accurately measured without any additional equipment, allowing you to lighten your load and simplify your test procedure. Calibration and servicing is made easy with one manufacturer for all anesthesia test equipment. Streamline anesthesia machine testing and improve efficiency with one test setup to meet all your needs. Auto-detection to Ensure Patient Safety VT900A + VAPOR automatically detects and identifies CO2, N2O, sevoflurane, isoflurane, desflurane, halothane and enflurane. Two agents can be displayed simultaneously to comprehensively analyze any anesthesia flow stream making sure that only one agent is being delivered. Automatic agent identification reduces the risk of error and ensures patient safety by eliminating the need for user input and providing a means to test interlock systems and vaporizer contents. Keep patient safety the priority by testing anesthesia machines with equipment you can trust. • Ensure patient safety with automatic detection and measurement of CO2, N2O and five commonly used anesthetic agents

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Breath Views FLUKE Easy-to-Use VAPOR seamlessly integrates with the VT900A test system, allowing you to quickly and easily transition from ventilator to vaporizer testing. Set up test procedures easily and read results from up to 6' (1.8m) away with the 7’’ (17.8 cm) touchscreen display. Reduce risk of error with auto detection and color-matched agent identification. Increase efficiency and reduce test complexity with the intuitive user interface and simple equipment setup. Anesthesia testing made easy. Reliable Testing Anywhere VT900A + VAPOR is a versatile, portable test solution equipped...

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3 Fluke Biomedical VT900A + VAPOR

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Specifications Features 4 Fluke Biomedical VT900A + VAPOR

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Breath parameters 5 Fluke Biomedical VT900A + VAPOR

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Ordering information Includes: •• Bacterial filter (1) •• 1.2 m (4 ft) silicon tubing (2) •• 22 mm ID x 22 mm ID tubing adapters (2) •• 22 mm OD x 22 mm OD tubing adapters (2) •• Tapered 15 mm OD x 33 mm OD tubing adapters (2) •• Flexible 15 mm ID x 22 mm ID tubing adapters (2) •• DISS hand tight nut/nipple to 6.4 mm (1/4 in ) ID hose barb adapter (1) •• USB serial cable •• AC power adapter •• Detachable carrying handle •• Detachable shoulder strap •• Certificate of Calibration with test data •• VAPOR Anesthesia Tester Optional accessories •• ACCU LUNG Test Lung •• ACCU LUNG II Test Lung ••...

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About Fluke Biomedical Fluke Biomedical is the world’s leading manufacturer of quality biomedical test and simulation products. In addition, Fluke Biomedical provides the latest medical imaging and oncology quality-assurance solutions for regulatory compliance. Highly credentialed and equipped with a NVLAP Lab Code 200566-0 accredited laboratory, Fluke Biomedical also offers the best in quality and customer service for all your equipment calibration needs. Today, biomedical personnel must meet the increasing regulatory pressures, higher quality standards, and rapid technological growth,...

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