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Case Study: RUDOLF Medical Lasers as the standard of the future for the marking of surgical scissors and instruments Ideal for UDI and MDR requirements, thanks to camera-based laser marking solutions and comprehensive services. With FOBA lasers, RUDOLF Medical marks some 25,000 different products per year RUDOLF Medical marks medical instruments with FOBA Mseries fiber laser marking systems. This is done with conviction, as the marking lasers with integrated imaging meet the tough requirements of medical device marking. Important factors are the serialized marking of permanently legible UDI codes and an economic, slim, and reliable marking process, based on a laserintegrated camera control system.

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Specialist for surgical scissors – and way ahead when it comes to UDI Over 90 percent of all RUDOLF products are already directly marked with a UDI code (Unique Device Identification). This family company, renowned in particular for its scissors, is in full compliance with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and MDR (Medical Device Regulation) statutory requirement. Products sold under the proprietary brand and those brought onto the market as part of OEM business through distributors are given logos, serial numbers, or UDI codes. “Even before the full enforcement of the actual marking...

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Case Study: RUDOLF Medical Universal marking lasers for medical technology Integrated imaging for more efficiency The camera integrated in the marking head enables a complete marking and read-back process in the enclosed laser marking machine. FOBA has quickly impressed RUDOLF Medical with this concept of automatic component identification, marking alignment, and code read-back. When facing the UDI regulations and searching for the most suitable technology, RUDOLF Medical's decision to work with FOBA was straightforward. According to Gerhard Faßbinder, it was clear as early as after the...

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Firmly established with a clear advantage over ultrashort-pulse laser system Advantages of the short-pulse fiber lasers from FOBA: → A laser process developed over decades with integrated camera, integrated lighting, and automated marking alignment guarantees a stable and secure marking process. → Much lower procurement and beam source replacement costs than ultrashort-pulse laser marking systems. → Demonstrable durability of markings in long-term testing. → Sharp-precision, high-contrast markings that are only produced to this standard by short-pulse lasers enable optimum legibility, even...

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