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Laser Marking + Laser at your service Engraving Solutions Product Overview Systems, Workstations and Vision-Assisted Workflows for Laser Marking and Engmvrng

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Laser Marking SystemsFor integration into production systems, special machines or FOBA laser marking and laser engraving machinesGas laser (CO2) Fiber laser (Yb), pulsed Power classes in Watts 10, 30, 60 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 Stimulation mode RF-excited Diode-pumped Products Gas laser markers: Fiber laser markers: FOBA C.0102 and C.0302 FOBA Y-Series (90° 0°) Machines for Laser Marking and Laser EngravingTurn-key, customer-specific configured manual workstations or special machines for laser marking and engravingM1000 M2000-B, M3000-B (M3000-B UV) Basic laser markers for integration Fiber...

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Cw+ fiber laser markers: Y.0050-cw, Y.0100-cw, LF050-5, LF050-10 Fiber laser markers: Y-Series UV laser marker: V.0020-uv (only in M3000-B/P) Fiber laser markers: Y-Series Programmable axes (X, Y, Z), electric lift door (option: backlight) 2-position rotary table (option: backlight) Laser marking workstation with programmable axes X, Y, Z (options: rotation axis and rotation/swivel unit) Laser workstation with 2-position rotary table and programmable Z-axis, other axes on request Custom Software Solutions FOBA Advanced Operator PlugIn: minimalistic graphical user interface for the fast,...

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Vision Systems and HELP (Holistic Enhanced Laser Process)  Focused on precision, economy, and marking and engraving quality without compromise Point & Shoot for Manual Operations Automatic visual component detection and marking/engraving alignment. Visual-manual alignment tool for marking and engraving contents. Perfect for high-quality work pieces and individual part production. Patented vision system that automatically detects the position of the work piece and aligns the marking, engraving or frosting content precisely as required. Visual positioning system for the marking content. With...

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