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Kids dental unit - 1

3S Our company reserves the right to make any impovement on product design without advance notice, the data pictures just for reference. Foshan Gladent Medical Instrument Co.,ltd INTERNATION TEL:+86-757-81267151 SEf^SS: +86-757-81267151 DOMESTION TEL: +86-757-81992306 @ ft ^: +86-757-81992306 (wliit: ADD: No 1 Fenggang Road Luocun Lianhe Avenue NanHai Area of Foshan Guangdong ±tb±it: GLADENT MEDICAL oilHi, I'm little Snail Foshan Gladent Medical Instrument Co.,ltd lrl—^-3

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Kids dental unit - 2

Little snail found friends Wonderful fairy tales of the ocean world Little snail carries heavy shell and crawl slowly and slowly... When he arrives to the ocean, he meets devil fish and they become good friends...

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Kids dental unit - 3

Because little snail had goals and ideals, he always fulfill confidence with life, then he found many friends in the ocean, they enjoy the happy and wonderful life together... With the help of devil fish and little cute fish, little snail finds his third friend crab...

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Kids dental unit - 4

◄ Davil fish mobile can Bsaassas, as+s. sh**, » Devil fish styling instrument tray, full of movement, nxxe space, more flexible movement. ◄ /i-ffifiiftffi little cute fish floor box »*»*ai+sa*iw®«i8av+. >mss asait, Buit-out type floor box design adapts to different clinic pipeline design, little cute ftsh shape design, cute appearance. ► »« LED Crab LED sensor light LEDBSW. LED sonsof light, light Intortsily can be adjusted to protect children's eyes ► Ipad holder susicacn8Bi*»»(i«>;, #*uuts*a. Ipad computer can be pul on the holder . and play cartoon to dlstiact children's attention and...

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