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Micronisation&Containment Systems

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una azienda one company custom oriented

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FPS Food and Pharma Systems cooperates with the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food and cosmetic industries to supply micronisation equipment and containment solutions. Founded in 2002 by a group of professionals coming from various different international experiences, aims to develop, design and supply systems to improve process results and optimize energy respecting man and environment. A wide network of agents assures FPS presence in every area in the world. FPS is certified ISO:9001. The site is equipped with a photovoltaic systems which makes it self-sufficient. FPS Food and Pharma...

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il nostro stile our style • Each situation has its own solution We do not provide standard solutions but solutions which correspond to the end user specific needs • The starting point of a project is not our machine, but our customer need We always try to understand and know our customer needs, history and experience; we build our system around all this • We are always open to new ideas and new challenges We have a wide experience but we are learning something every day to improve our knowledge and face new situations. • Ogni situazione ha la sua soluzione Non proponiamo soluzioni standard...

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Micronisatior) systems • FOOD PHARMA SYSTEM

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Sistemi di micronizzazione Micronisation systems La tecnologia di micronizzazione proposta da FPS è il risultato di uno studio mirato che ha portato allo sviluppo di un’ampia gamma di mulini a getti fluidi; il processo prevede l’utilizzo di gas ad alta pressione che crea la collisione delle particelle di prodotto e conseguente riduzione della dimensione particellare all’interno di una camera di micronizzazione. I mulini FPS offrono le migliori performance sul mercato. Oltre a garantire un processo a temperatura costante e assenza di parti in movimento, sono di facile pulizia e montaggio....

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Sistemi di micronizzazione Micronisation systems cyclone filter | ciclone balance line | linea di bilanciamento product line linea di trasporto prodotto endless liner collegamento a sacco continuo control manifold manifold di controlllo discharge valve valvola di scarico Test Center FPS Test Center is equipped for the execution of technical trials with your products using our jet mills in different configurations. Il nostro Test Center è attrezzato per l’esecuzione di prove tecniche con i vostri prodotti utilizzando i nostri mulini in diverse configurazioni.

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Sistemi di micronizzazione Micronisation systems Two Micronisation technologies: • Spiral Jet Mills - for very fine PSD, below 20µm down to 0.1µm • QMills - the alternative to mechanical and pin mills, from 20µm to 100µm Three Micronisation size ranges: • R&D Jet Mills: designed for laboratory needs and preliminary trials • PilotMills: pilot plants for first phases of development or pre-production phases • ProMills: production plants Due tecnologie di micronizzazione: • Mulini a getto spirale - al di sotto dei 20µm fino a 0.1µm • QMills - l’alternativa ai mulini meccanici e a pioli, da 20µm...

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Sistemi di contenimento e isolamento Isolation and Containment systems 010

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Sistemi di contenimento Containment systems FPS supplies isolation and containment solutions following the increasing attention given to product, operator and environment protection by pharmaceutical industry. The introduction of new APIs with high potency and toxicity has brought to the development of personalized systems that guarantee high level of containment and safety. FPS proposes isolators for many different applications, laminar flow booths, pack-off systems, charging systems,aspirating arms and cleanrooms. FPS sviluppa soluzioni di isolamento e di contenimento che seguono la...

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Isolatori Isolators HEPA filters | filtri HEPA instruments and control panel strumenti e pannello di controllo transfer devices sistemi di trasferimento flanges and gloves flange e guanti

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Sistemi di contenimento Containment systems Isolators are built around the end user process needs. The many configurations and options available are developing continuously: • Isolators for reactor charge • Isolators for Filter Dryer discharge • Isolators for micronisation contained process • Isolators for milling and micronisation • Isolators for cryogenic activities • Isolators for laboratory activities • Isolators for packaging/confectioning operations • Double containment isolators …. and much more. Gli isolatori sono progettati attorno alle esigenze di processo specifiche del cliente....

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Cappe a flusso laminare Laminar Flow Booths Downcross booths and LAF modules assure the respect of particular air quality requirements in a confined space. Le cappe a flusso laminare e moduli LAF assicurano il rispetto della qualità dell’aria richiesta dal cliente finale in uno spazio confinato. Pack-off systems Pack-off systems with inflating head, also available in ATEX configuration and designed for integrated solutions incompliance with specific process requirements. Sistemi Pack-off Sistemi di scarico Pack-off con testa gonfiabile, disponibili anche in configurazione ATEX e progettati...

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Sistemi di contenimento Containment systems Local Suction Arms Suction arms are designed to suction air from the area close to the dust emission point. They can be adapted to many applications. Bracci di aspirazione I bracci di aspirazione sono progettati per l’aspirazione di aria nei pressi di un punto di emissione di polveri. Sono adattabili a diverse applicazioni e configurazioni. Cleanrooms allow a controlled level of contamination assuring suitable environment or product handling, operator and environment protection. Clean rooms, complete with partition walls, flooring, air handling...

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ITALIAN QUALITY - Headquarters F .S. Food and Pharma Systems S.r.l. - Via Vandelli, 20 - 22100 Como (CO) - Italy .P Tel. +39 031 543429 - Fax +39 031 540885 Production and Test Facilities F .S. Food and Pharma Systems S.r.l. - Via Romagnoli, 3 - 29017 Fiorenzuola d’Arda (PC) - Italy .P Tel. +39 0523 984930 - Fax +39 0523 240218

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