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Every business arises from the dream of one single individual, from his vision of an opportunity that others have not seen yet. Only if he is able to inspire and guide others, will his vision turn into an Enterprise worthy of the name.

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• 1948 Hospital kitchen equipment JULIUS PERONI Introduction of a new laundry-handling system (LHS) • 1972 Kitchen equipment and washing machines Distribution of shelving and cart GÜNTHER PERONI Development of PERSOCAR Ward trolleys and PERSOFARM Drug Distribution system • 1983 Development of PERSOLIFE the emergency trolley • 1990 Development and production of custom-made stainless steel furniture for clean room • 1997 First Certificate ISO 9001 Production of WALLY the new waste container with knee opening. • 1998 Development of ISEO Line of laundry trolleys and PERMODUL a modular system...

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HEAD OFFICE STRASBOURG (FR) Administration, Financial, Sales Office France, Back Office France Costumer Service France, Warehouse France ITALIAN OFFICE Lana / Bolzano (IT) Italian sales Office, Export Office, Research & Design Office, Purchase Office, Technical Department, Quality Office LOGISTICS CENTRE Calvisano / Brescia (IT) Production Centre, Quality Controll Department, Packaging station, Loading Area, Warehouse A multi-ethnic culture, the courage to face challenges and stubborn faith in a better future: Julius imparted these distinguishing values to his newborn company when it was...

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Company Profile 2017 - 4

Hence, the company has created a wide, diversified range of high quality products, differentiated according to an array of distinct uses, ranging from medicine distribution trolleys, trolleys holding the delicate instruments used in operating rooms, doctors’ offices and medical laboratories, to laundry carts and hospital waste trolleys. The range is still expanding as the company continually launches new models of unprecedented, innovative equipment. Herein lies the value of excellence of its new leadership focused on guaranteeing the levels of accuracy and efficiency required by hospitals...

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Company Profile 2017 - 5

A wide range of solutions… Preciso: The Ward Trolley Laundry Management Operating Room Waste Management Transport & Logistic Medication Management Persocar: the multipurpose trolley The most compact trolley … appreciated all over the world Persolife: The Emergency Trolley 82 countries in the world are using our products part of a logistics proces

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Company Profile 2017 - 6

CERTIFICAT DE SYSTEME DE MANAGEMENT CERTIFICAT DE SYSTEME DE MANAGEMENT Certificat N°/Certificate No.: 85992-2010-AQ-FRA-COFRAC Rév. 2 Certificat valable depuis le/Initial date: 08 octobre 2010 Dates de validité/Valid: 28 septembre 2016 – 15 septembre 2018 Certificat valable depuis le/Initial date: 20 octobre 2014 Ceci certifie que le système de management de la société / This is to certify that the management system of ZI Ouest - Rue Georges Besse - 67151 ERSTEIN - France Dates de validité /Valid: 28 septembre 2016 - 15 septembre 2018 Ceci certifie que le système de management de la...

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Company Profile 2017 - 7

100% RECYCLABLE ABS-Polycarbonate Aluminium steel Melange Plastic Francehopital's value is based on a commitment to developing the quality of its products day by day by maintaining an attentive and constant dialogue with the market, through commercial competence acquired through years of experience in a variety of markets and through scientific research that generates technological innovation. Francehopital is in continual expansion, diversifying, establishing branches in several countries to assure that its products will be produced wherever the most advanced technology is available....

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Company Profile 2017 - 8

In 2005, the third generation of the Peroni family, in the person of young Gunnar, took the helm to implement a new structure for the company. He outlined a new identity of the company, strengthening its position on the world market and maturing that healthy respect for competitors that lets you learn from those who know how to move faster and better than others, and then turn the priceless wisdom that comes from recognizing one’s own mistakes into great opportunities for growth. Francehopital, through the leadership of three generations of men, upholds its chosen guidelines: a business...

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