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laundry management

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Laundry management

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Waste and laundry collection trolleys Container and bag holder trolleys

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ISEO Line ISEO Line consists of a wide range of bag bolder trolleys to collect and sort tbe dirty linen. Frame in tubular stainless steel. Bag bolder nng in sturdy plastic and stainless steel, integrating a hinge for the lid. Lid - available in different colours - operated by band or by foot pedal; it closes silently, sbwed by a special soft-closing system. With ISEO Line trolleys you can easily use normal and folding bags All models available with or without pedal

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Waste and laundry collection trolleys Combined trolleys to collect the waste and sort the dirty linen at the same time and saving space. The waste bag holder is WASTY the original self<losing system working without a lid and being operated by a pedal, with a plastic green base. The trolleys have the push handle incorporated.

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Combined systems Container and bag holder trolleys Stainless steel combined trolleys Two collection bag holders combined with a closed cabinet or with an opened shelf. The lids can be operated by pedal or by hand. With WASTY Two collection bag holders plus a waste bag holder combined with a closed cabinet or with an opened shelf. The lids can be operated by pedal or by hand. The waste bag holder WASTY

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Opened trolleys is available also with shelves and divider in melamine coated partideboard. CBPXPW with WASTY waste bag holder

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Combined systems Container and bag holder trolleys Stainless steel cabinet with docking system To hang the ISEQ Line collection trolleys you need The combined trolleys give you the possibility to organise the collection and the sorting of the soiled linen and the distribution of the clean linen. With this solution at the end of the round you can separate the two trolleys.

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Accessories for ISEO Line 3 easy steps to install the laundry bag 1-fold the bag over the rings (both plastic and staintess steel) from inside to outside 2- raise the stainless steel ring 3- with the help of the two hands, iowerthe stainiess steei ring and piace the overlapping part of the bag inside the plastic ring See page 26 for information about the laundry bags. built-in grip. Available in 5 colours. AO: push handle safeguards the hands and increase hygiene. Required to combine the collection trolley to the cabinet CT40. CBA: additional bag holder ring.

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Container to transport clean linen Container entirely in anodised aluminium, to organise and optimise the distribution of the dean linen from the laundry room to the ward Double door, opening 270". Two internal shelves. Available in different types and sizes.

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Double door, opening 270°, 1 internal shelf, 1 working top. Doors and top in ABS plastic. Available also in h 1190 mm Single door, opening 270". Two internal shelves. Available in different types and sizes. y3 wardrobe and z/5 cabinet with two shelves. Double door, opening 270s.

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Container to transport dean Linen To organise and optimise the distribution of the clean iinen from the iaundry room to the ward and vice versa. With double door, opening 270 °. Two internal height adjustabie shelves. Wheels0 160 mm for outdoor transport. With double door, opening 270°. Three internal height adjustable shelves. Towing hook on

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Clothing holder In welded tubuiar stainless steei AISI304. Even fully loaded the trolley is very easy to handle. Thanks to the design, it can be stacked. On request reinforced for leaded gowns or similar. MOSYS clothing trolley, in wire chromed steel, available in a wide range of sizes.

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Container for transport of soiled Linen

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Universal transport trolleys Multi-purpose transportation carts. They can be used in wards, iaundryr storage and also for waste handiing. Wholly in stainless steel AISI304, it can be configured according to various needs and space requirements. It uses special castors for heavy-duty transports. The solid base is available in two sizes (1050x750 or 1350x850) with twor three or four sides, in different Customized dimensions on request.

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Roll-containers and roll-boxes with piastic or steei base, nestabie or dosed on jour sides, with either height or low lateral sides or low as a trolley, in steel coat with brilliant electrolytic zinc or in epoxy powder coated steel. The ideal solution for moving a large variety of goods, for orders preparation, linen and waste transportation, and all type of han- dling inside and outside the hospital. Available in a wide range of sizes, configurations and finishings.

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catalogue: Storage, Transport & Furniture Tubuiar frame welded to wire sides. With 2, 3 and A lateral sides and wire sheif. On request fabric straps with stretcher and custom-made soiutions. Available aiso with piastic base. Laundry container In steel coat with brilliant electrolytic zinc, gold colour. Internal folding wire shelf. Low fourth side. Wheels 0 125 mm.

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Far sorting, storage and transportation of linen and clothing. Each posts can be tagged. Several combinations. Standard version with 6 shelves and h 1800 mm.

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>» for more info about MOSYS System, request the specific catalogue: Storage, Transport & Furniture Service trolleys with reinforced frame Special wheels and reinforced frame for heavyweight transports, e.g. full laundry bags. Combined shelving unit According to the needs, you can configure the shelving units combining different elements and accessories. With fix or telescopic bar for coat hangers.

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Wrapping laundry bags On request customized bags with writing The wide range of fabric wrapping bags combined with the broad range of collection trolleys, makes operators'work easier and safety, allows to rationalize the linen management and to plan the washing cycles. The wrapping bags are used to collect and sort the soiled linen only once, directly at the patients' beds. The full bags are taken from the collection trolleys, transported to the laundry room and put inside the washing machine. In this way the operators are kept safe from potential contamination and injuries. The fabric bags...

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