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medication management

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Medication distribution is a complex subject: the proposed solutions help nursing staff make their daily job easier and safer and enhance the service to the patients. Our offer consists of a broad range of products, largely used on a daily basis in hospital wards and nursing homes. This range is completed by consumable items of common use.

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Medication dispensers Trays & weekly systems 3. Trolleys for medication distribution 8 Pill crusher, splitter and bolder

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Each dispenser can be personalised with patient and medication data. Dispensers can be closed with a sliding transparent lid: this keeps contents safe and allows seeing patient, drug and prescription data. PERSOFARM is a comprehensive system with a large variety of elements that allows an advanced preparation of the therapy on a weekly or 24 hoars base, according to the ward's needs. ■ eliminate a large part of cases that can lead to medication errors (i.e. wrong medication, wrong quantity, wrong patient or wrong administration time) ■ reduce time dedicated to medication distribution ■...

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complete with PCO lid and PIN insert

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prescription block for PDN dispenser ■ It collects all therapy information ■ Each page is threefold: this avoids transcription errors and saves time ■ It is made to be inserted in the dispenser in order to verify prescription at the moment of administration

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Coloured dividers for PDN dispensers, helping separation of drugs by type through their coburs (transparent, yellow, Dedicated to the oral liquid therapy. Cups can be transport- ed by the same tray used for the dispensers. They can easily be identified by writing the patient's name on the lid. The cups have graduation markings and a capacity of 30 ml. In 6 different coburs: transparent, yellow, green, red, blue Stainbss steel net box to wash the cups in the dishwasher.

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Trays & weekly systems These trays can be used for: ■ Preparing and organising the daily ■ Transporting dispensers and cups, by hand or cart, to the point-of-care ■ The trays are made of heavy-duty plastic, which is strong and easy to clean thanks to a double and flat bottom. holds 19 cups (PBI) and 19 dispensers holds 53 cups (PBI) and 17 dispensers

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Weekly systems Dispensers prepared and personalised in advance can be transported to the wards for daily distribution, using the practical V7GPD3 tray or with the box VPDC7Q, ideal for home assistance.

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For transport, storage and distribution of medications, also in unit dose. Evotight troiiey in powder coated steel with: ■ extendable lateral drawer for laptop computer with key-lock ■ separate drawer for narcotics with independent key-lock Frontal closing by rolling shutter, centralised locking system by key or electronic digit code. ISO 600x400 size can bad also standard ISO drawers available in 3 heights: SO, 100 and 200 mm.

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Can be organized with Unit-bins in green ABSplastic, complete with internal adjustable dividers, on plastic trays. The trolley can stock 6 trays with 6 Unit-bins each, for a total of 36 patient bins. Can be organized with Unit-dispensers including lid and internal adjustable dividers, on plastic trays. The trolley can stock 12 trays with 8 Unit-dispensers each, for a total of 96 patient dispensers. Ideal for transport of PERSOFARM tray PVA (see page 8) The trolley can stock 6 PVA trays holding dispensers and cups. Space also for Unit-bins or other items. EV-CM EV-PVA

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Cotortight trolley in powder coated steet with double door, dosed by key. Additional lateral extendable working surface. Can be organized with Unit-bins. The trolley can stock 5 trays UD-PE with 6 Unit-bins each, for a total of 30 patients. Can be organized with Unit-dispensers DP-CM. The trolley can stock 10 trays UD-CM with 8 dispenser each, for a total of 80 patients.

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Persocar trolley in stainless steel AISI304, with moulded multifunc- tion walls in plastic. Additional lateral extendable working surface. Equipped with 2 stainless steel cassettes equipped with 12 Unit-bins each, for a total of 24 patient bins. Cassettes have independent key-lock and handles for easy transport from/to the pharmacy and Technical specifications »> For more information about the trolleys, request the specific catalogue: Ward Trolleys & Carts In ABS green plastic, with 3 adjustable dividers. Label holder in front. Dim. 400x85x75 h mm - To use with UD-PE trays. In light-blue...

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Medication cabinet Simple and functional design, ideally suited far all healthcare uses such as hospital wards, rest- homes, nursing homes and ambulatory. The body is made in laminate and following norm EN 120/92. The doors are of double sided HPt (fire resistant class 1) and with key locking system. It is divided in 48 or 60 sections in transparent plastic and 5 shelves. Available with or without safety chest for drugs and narcotics. Aluminium handles, height- adjustable feet

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Medication and weekly dispenser cabinet Ideally suited for all healthcare uses such as rest-homes and nursing homes where the staff prepare in advance the weekly therapy for each patient/guest - one for 27 trays V7GPD3 whereyou can accommodate 7 dispensers Dispensers prepared and personalised in advance can be stocked and when necessary transported to the wards for daily distribution.

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Pill crusher, splitter and holder Smaii and handy item, it can split, stare, crush and grind the piiis precisely. The good quaiity and its pieasant and functional design make it a vaiuabie instrument for ail personnel engaged with the distribution of pharmaceuticals as well as for patients themselves. ■ in a single package, containing an instruction leaflet ■ in a nice display box with 12 pieces Technical specifications

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Case for transfer of samples with double snap closing system. Comes with extractabie internal powder coated steei rack (available in 3 models); the rack can P11A - for transportation of IS iarge test containers (80x60 mm ) and 20 test vials Internal racks Pill - for transportation of 120 test vials P113- without internal dividers

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