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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world 30 years of activity and 70 years of history Europe China Pakistan Tunisia Saudi Arabia South Africa Hospital kitchen equipment Introduction of a new laundry-handling system (LHS) Kitchen equipment and washing machines Distribution of shelving and carts Development of PERSOCAR ward trolleys and PERSOFARM drug distribution system Development of PERSOLIFE the emergency trolley Development and production of custom-made stainless steel furniture for clean rooms First ISO 9001 certificate Production of WALLY the new waste container with...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world Solidarity projects Francehopital is among the “friend companies” Ali Daum: Cardioinfantil & Emergency The NEMO Clinical Centre in Milan (NEuroMuscular Omnicentre) is a highly specialized centre, created to respond to those affected by diseases such as ALS, SMA and muscular dystrophies. The main aim is to improve the quality of life of the patients taken care of, while also providing support and assistance to their families. Francehopital got in touch with a small non for profit organization that was put up in memory of Alexander...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world PRECISO and TENTE’s castors When details make a difference To give just a very practical example: how often do we switch a light on? We give for granted that a light switch works and is safe, but… do we really know what lies behind it? Do we know certain tiny details that make one solution better than another? We’ll try to do just that. FH custom made twin-wheel castor, Ø 125 mm with brake and kick realease Rounded corners, as in bumpers, also make sense: in the case of an impact, the rounded shape avoids wounds. Good trolleys are...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world stainless steel Thermoplastic materials C2C or Cradle to Cradle This expression is a play on the famous corporate phrase “from cradle to grave”. But it refers to the design/production cycle, and not to following a customer’s needs for his whole life. C2C refers to a more ethical approach in production of goods. The core of the philosophy is the highest possible attention to resources consumption and respect for the environment. C2C processes are sustainable: from the birth of one generation to birth of the next, the environment and...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world Let's tackle infection control! Dirty linen is touched only once when using wrapping bags! As far back as 1800, the Hungarian doctor Ignác Fülöp Semmelweis said that washing your hands and keeping your hands clean is one of the most important preventive measures against the transmission of bacteria. Laundry bags In laundry management the most critical steps are collection and sorting of dirty linen. These are the first steps in the circuit, and also the most hazardous from the point of view of infections: it is a fact that dirty linen...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world PERSOLIFE comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large emergency trolley Why a numbered seal? In an emergency situation the efficiency and reliability of the trolley and its contents are essential to save lives. Also in red By definition a medical emergency needs a quick as possible response. A fast and rational access to items, tools and medications is a critical factor. Spotting the emergency trolley is the first step in the process of dealing with the situation. Our PERSOLIFE trolley has always stood out for its original orange color....

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world 3 coloured sides to liven Our new line of ward trolleys inspired by the concept “less is more” (*): essential and just right for its functions. The unique transportable drawer. FH reimagines the drawer itself: it is now merged into a tray and creates a new way of working. When a drawer is empty why move the whole trolley? The drawer is compatible with picking-station rails and refilling can be carried out at the central or satellite pharmacy. Full/empty exchange is carried out by just moving the drawer between station and cart. (*)...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world to design by creating uniqueness PRECISO means multifunction trolleys and logistics/transfer/storage carts in dozens of configurations PRECISO: how do you pronounce it? It is Italian, as we are. And it means precise, accurate… detailed. You pronounce it "preˈʧizo". And our top of the line trolley certainly has a lot of interesting details. Some are design details, but all have an impact on usability, safety and comfort. Precision, innovation and creativity combined with experience have been the main ingredients in the development of...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world p-smart inventory in real time Investment in better technologies avoids waste of time and provides greater transparency in the use of resources. Being able to reduce the amount of time spent on logistics to dedicate more to clinical aspects is a constant quest in the healthcare field. Mobility solutions improve user experience and support a better clinical workflow. FH, constantly looking for innovative solutions that help the daily work of healthcare operators, presents p-smart. Accessories highlight Drawer bins SABU system for...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world Trolleys as essential part of a logistics process Get in touch with us to obtain a complete project: from storage to distribution. Warehouse stock OK, it is clear now: from China to the US, from Europe to Africa, a demand with common features from healthcare is surfacing: • minimum footprint and maximum capacity; • modern and light materials as extruded aluminum and ABS plastic (enough with painted steel!); • best quality of drawers and castors. Pharmacy stock Here is the answer from Francehopital, the recognized leader in this...

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