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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world Francehopital changes its look! Blue: très chic a choice for the future A cool early spring day in 2019, sitting at a table in a stube (*) surrounded by that sense of protection and warmth that only wood and a "Kachelofen" can give, we said to ourselves: we must make visible to the outside world the natural evolution of the company that has already been underway for some years, refresh our image to consolidate the change and growth that we have wanted and undertaken. (*)The stube The stube or stua, depending on whether you prefer the...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world Join experiences to drive innovation It is true that sometimes 1+1 is not only 2... it is the case of the synergistic partnership between FH and IPSA. IPSA, a leading company in the field of automated distribution and hospital traceability, has become a strategic partner of FH. The collaboration between FH and IPSA started a few years ago and has become a reality in the last few months. It is not just a question of 1+1 companies, but of a concatenation of technological know-how and strategic objectives that greatly amplify the mere...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world Accessories Highlight Narciso drawer for narcotics Narcissus (in ancient Greek: Νάρκισσος, Nárkissos) is a character from Greek mythology: a hunter famous for his beauty, incredibly cruel because he disdains every person who loves him. Following a divine punishment, he falls in love with his own image reflected in a lake and dies falling into it... What does Narcissus have to do with a drawer for narcotics? Nothing, but the fact that if you add the first four letters of NARCotics with the word ISO - because the drawer is ISO...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world Quality of life and Well-being for the elderly Assessment of quality and actions for improvement within care homes for the elderly by Mario Iesurum Coordinator of “Qualità & Benessere” brand MOSYS-ISO one shelving endless configuration and shelving units on wheels. More info: It's new and we definitely needed it: the MOSYS-ISO system A modular shelving, composable, lightweight, easy to assemble, if necessary on wheels, extremely robust, adaptable to any environment, such as a pharmacy, a warehouse, a...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world Load capacity in litres of PRESTO cart with 4 drawers 615x460 Millimiters of useful space in PRECISO’s workshop Countries in the world using PRECISO Thrust in kg to move a fully loaded PERSOCAR cart 150÷210 Height in cm of the people comfortably using PERSOLIFE 300 Kg the medium load capacity of an FH cart 432 Boxes of Aspirine C - 10 fizzy tablets in a PRESTO SMALL cart 10x25 Millimiters the size of the norm accessorry Lateral accessory rails in a cart 3000 Italian customers using our products Seconds to automtically close a PRESTO...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world Design in a leading role Design For Disassembly DFD relates to reuse, to repair and to recycle in the most cost and energy effective way as possible. Even before these became big issues as in present days, FH had an eye for creating carts that could be repaired. Some sturdy models have been delivered more than 20 years ago, and are still maintained either by the hospital’s technical department or by our technicians. We can proudly affirm that reuse, repair and recycle are 3 words that are deeply rooted in our DNA. Aluminium is used...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world A matter of transparencies There are instances in which it is important to have a glance at the contents and identify the location of what is needed before opening the door of a cabinet or the drawer of a trolley. This is why FH has introduced 2 major innovations that improve and simplify the activities of the healthcare professional: Those who love photography even a little bit will certainly have heard of ISO. But what do these ISOs have to do with the ISO 600x400 system now so widespread in the healthcare environment? ISO is the...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world Therapeutic structures Provinces Vibo Valentia and Catanzaro Healthcare professionals Fondazione Betania Onlus has carefully chosen FH The basics for an effective rescue A chat with Ivan Pierotti on the topic of rescue opens our eyes to a series of very important aspects that each of us, including children, should know about. There is a virtuous chain of actions that lead to effective rescue. • The identification of the problem (in case of fire the actions to be taken are very different from those required to help someone involved in...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world Cart Trends 2020 Digital Transformation has been going on for some years now. The integration of digital technology into all areas of a company, including the healthcare sector, is changing habits and bringing new values. Like any transformation, also the digital transformation requires a cultural change and poses constant challenges for manufacturing companies. Not being able to resist the temptation to be an avantgarde in its sector, Francehopital introduces eWork Cart: the cart ready to accept computer equipment without losing all...

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Our goal is to have happy customers! One of FH's core values is to have satisfied customers. And it is our pride to be able to provide 24/7 telephone assistance but also, where possible, to go on-site for the intervention: we are interested in the customers and their needs and we love to satisfy them. Our technical department is also available for advice and technical support: you can get in touch with us for spare parts, repairs or even reconditioning our products purchased 10 or 20 years ago. Visit our new Website! We are pleased to present our new website. Completely new design,...

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