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ward trolleys & carts

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We begin each product design and every customer solution with clear criteria born of sound research into client needs. Our research summaries gather and interpret studies of workplace issues, offering a wide range of solutions for any specic applications. Constant communication with our clients allows us to collect their requests and to improve constantly our products which are therefore made according to healthcare‘s high standards of hygiene, safety and durability. Ward Trolleys & Carts

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Cart selection/Premium solution Body sizes

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PRECISO Modular system for a wide range of ward trolleys When creativity meets innovation the result is amazing! Assembled structure with angulars and lateral walls in extruded anodized aluminium, back wall in multilayer aluminium-polypropylene-aluminium. Spacious worktop (DIN A2 sheet) in Polycarbonate/ABS injection moulded plastic with the innovative and unique handles on 3 sides. Base in Polycarbonate/ABS injection moulded plastic with all-around bumpers. Lateral extendable writing surface Twin wheels Ø 125 mm, 2 with brake On request: lateral additional drawer with independent key-lock,...

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Colour choice - neutral, pastel and electric colours:

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PRECISO with drawers Unique drawers in Polycarbonate/ABS injection moulded plastic with frontal handle complete with coloured ID tag and label holder. Dim.: ext. 610x470 mm Int.: 540x410 mm Available in 4 heights: - 76 mm (3”) - 1 module - 156 mm (6”) - 2 modules - 236 mm (9”) - 3 modules - 316 mm (12”) - 4 modules As an alternative the drawers can be used on the plastic ISO-rails, like the standard ISOModules (baskets and trays). Load capacity 25 kg each drawer You can easily change the drawer conguration. The drawers can be used on ball-bearing rails full-extending, self-closing and with...

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PRECISO with ISO-rails and ISO-Modules Closing by rolling shutter or doors PRE9APV-A ISO-trays and -baskets 600x400x h 50 mm - 100 mm - 200 mm (3-5-8 ISO-rails) Vertical dividers for patient les (min. 13 ISO-rails for headroom h. 30 cm DIN A4) Internal height adjustable shelves (1 ISO-rail) OTTAVIO: 8 Medicine dispensers on a tray for daily therapy (3 ISO-rails) Framed patient le holder for patient charts A4 dim. 330x250 mm or X-ray dim. 465x390 mm (min. 12 ISO-rails for DIN A4 charts) Bin-Trays for Medicine-Bins (4 to 6 for each tray) (3-6 ISO-rails) >>> see ISO-rails capacity on the...

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Multiple accessories and different congurations to meet every need *** For accessories see page 34-39

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Drawer headroom Product codes Worktop h. (mm) - drawers 840 - doors Dozens of accessories to congure your trolley Wheels *** For accessories see page 31-35 Options on request Twin 4x Ø 125 mm – 2 with brake Doors Rolling shutter / lateral drawer Rolling shutter / lateral drawer Rolling shutter / lateral drawer

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PERSOLIFE Emergency trolley Persolife is the most compact emergency trolley on the market. Thanks to its ergonomic and smart design, it stores all the necessary equipment and devices, allowing the contemporaneous access to three operators. Available in two versions, with structure and drawers: 1. in powder coated steel with anti-microbe and antibacteria treatment, in dark-grey 2. in stainless steel AISI 304 Quickness and efciency · Drawers in several sizes, mounted on fully-extending top-quality rails · Multiple drawer organizers and dividers for easy, quick access to drugs and supplies ·...

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Broselow colour coded cart, for paediatric emergency

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Specific incorporated compartments Everything in its place to reduce footprint ■ IV pole in stainless steel with two hooks, height adjustable ■ Suction pump holder ■ Defibrillator plate, 360° swivel with locking mechanism, stainless ■ Tilt-out bins steel arm and size adjustable Plexiglas plate with fixing strips. ■ Cardiac board ■ Oxygen bottle compartment, from 3 to 7 liters ■ Extendable writing surface ■ Storage space for catheters / probes ■ Closing by numbered breakable plastic seal ■ Waste container with removable internal bin

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When cardiac board is not required, or preferred on a lateral side: closing with knob and plastic seal. *** For accessories see page 34-39 Technical specications Product codes In powder coated steel Without cardiac board With lateral cardiac board With 8 Broselow code drawers With overbridge Drawer congurations Dimensions (mm) Body / Worktop h. Weight (kg) Wheels Ø 150 mm, 2 antistatic, 2 with brake – double ball bearing · Drawers available in 4 heights: · h 75 mm (int. 360x470x45 h mm) – 1 module · h 155 mm (int. 360x470x135 h mm) – 2 modules · h 235 mm (int. 360x470x205 h mm) – 3 modules...

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PERSOCAR Multifunction trolley in stainless steel AISI 304 The original design and the smart constructive solutions make the success of the Persocar line. It has structure and drawers in stainless steel AISI 304 and moulded plastic mint-green sides; this combination guarantees safety, reliability and durable life cycle. Extremely exible and multifunction, it can be congured for specic uses: medication, dressing, anaesthesia, isolation, suture, and many others. Persocar line is available in two dimensions: > 600x550 mm (mod. PC2) > 950x550 mm (mod. PC4) to meet every needs of space.

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· Drawers available in 4 heights: · h 75 mm (int. 360x470x45 h - 720x470x45 h) – 1 module · h 155 mm (int. 360x470x135 h - 720x470x135 h) – 2 modules · h 235 mm (int. 360x470x205 h - 720x470x205 h) – 3 modules · h 315 mm (int. 360x470x290 h - 720x470x290 h) – 4 modules · Stainless steel rails with full extraction · Centralized closing by key lock · Spacious worktop in moulded plastic with rim on 3 sides in light-grey colour · Built-in push handle · Lateral extendable work surface · 3 tilt-out bins in see-through plastic · MAXIWALLY knee-opening waste bin, with internal extractable bucket 20...

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