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Freedom Innovations is solely focused on developing world-class lower limb solutions in close collaboration with amputeesand prosthetists.These solutions encompass technological innovations, service, training and educational resources, together with consultative support, to help ensure user satisfaction. Determine Your Impact Level Stiffness Category Selection Chart Defender Stiffness Selection Promenade Stiffness Selection WalkTek Stiffness Selection Global Headquarters European Head Office ©2012 Freedom Innovations, LLC. All rights reserved. Comprehensive Foot Brochure 01/12 Carbon Fiber Foot Solutions

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Dynamic Mobility Indicator Performance by Design 1 “For me, the Renegade represents power and versatility. I am able to hike the hills of Washington and Colorado, over knife edge ridges, glaciers and through loose rock. The shock absorption provides comfort while the simplicity of the design provides me assurance in the product’s durability for a long term excursion. I know I can count on the Renegade to be there when I need it, so there’s no holding back.” 3 Renegade MX & Renegade LP-MX John LeBlanc,TX, Mechanical Engineer 2 • Choice of regular or sandal toe foot shell Renegade A.T &...

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Style Mobility Indicator and Flexibility by Design 1 “The Silhouette is so lightweight and flexible, I’m able to stay comfortable on my feet all day. As a teacher and an athlete, I am moving from before sunrise until late into the evening. The Silhouette provides the range of motion needed regardless of what direction I’m headed!” Silhouette VS & Silhouette LP-VS Amy Dodson, Teacher, World Record Holding Triathlete 2 • Multi-axial function and +/-15 degrees of inversion/eversion provide excellent ground compliance and stability ® ® • Vertical shock absorption softens impact at heel strike...

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Everyday Mobility Indicator Performance by Design 1 “These are some of the best years of my life and the Sierra has been there with me through it all– travel, volunteer work, you name it. The Sierra offers me balance and stability, regardless of where I am or what I’m doing. I love how flexible it is and the fact that it’s always ready for whatever I put into it.” Highlander Clarence Imler, AR, Retired Prosthetist • Custom Highlander MAX available for user weighing up to 500 lbs, sold with optional heavy duty 34 mm component kit ® • Offers an ideal blend of stability and action, often...

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Extreme Mobility Indicator by Design 1 “In 2006, I set out to ‘do the unthinkable’ and the Nitro was critical to my success. Together, we navigated a grueling 26.2 miles of lava fields in Kona, Hawaii, where I became the first double amputee to complete a full Iron Man on prosthetics. Although the race is over, there are more finish lines to cross. My Nitros and I are inspiring everyone with a dream.” Slalom Ski Scott Rigsby, GA, Iron ManTriathlete, World Record Holder • Provides necessary flex and shock absorption for fluid motion TM • The first prosthetic foot designed to be quickly and...

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Unique by Design “I may be petite but I live a big life. As a college freshman and triathlete, I need a prosthetic foot that can keep up with my busy schedule. The Defender allows me to go from class to cycling in no time at all. It’s a lot like me–a small package with a lot of punch!” Scout Bassett, CA, Student Defender Pediatric ® • Premium performance similar to the Highlander is now available for pediatric and petite users • Ensures smooth rollover and exceptional ground compliance in a flexible design Promenade • Rated to 45kg (100 lbs), sizes16-21cm TM • 18-month warranty • Designed...

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