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Product Name: Plié3 MPC Knee Table of Contents Components 1. Important Information 1.1 Indications 1.2 Contraindications 3. Safety Precautions Battery and Battery Cap 4. Alignment and Setup 4.1 Alignment 4.2 Bench Alignment 4.3 Static Alignment 4.4 Dynamic Alignment 4.5 PliéControl 6 4.6 Plié3 Setup 4.7 Finishing Options 4.8 Technical Support 5. Warranty and Service 5.1 Service and Repair 6. Technical Specifications 6.1 Device Information 6.2 Battery Information 6.3 Environmental Conditions 6.4 CE Conformity

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Plié® 3 MPC Knee Components Plié 3 MPC Knee Pyramid Top Standard Black Cover Plié 3 MPC Knee Wireless USB Adapter Plié 3 MPC Knee Lithium Ion Battery (2 pc) Plié 3 MPC Knee Battery Charger Plié 3 MPC Knee Air Pump with Hose Adapter Plié 3 Smooth Hose Adapter for Air Pump

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1. Important Information The Plie® 3 MPC Knee is a single axis prosthetic knee joint system providing microprocessor control of both the swing and stance phases of gait. The microprocessor monitors an embedded load sensor and an angle sensor to precisely control the transitions between the stance and swing phases of gait. Three manual settings allow the hydraulic cylinder to provide adjustable resistance for Stance Flexion, Swing Flexion, and Swing Extension. The hydraulic cylinder also provides non-adjustable stance extension resistance. The Plie Control software allows the knee function...

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A device should not be disposed of in regular wastes at the end of its usable life under WEEE Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment guidelines. Used on device. 3. Safety Precautions Failure to follow the safety precautions can result in device malfunctioning and risk injury to the user. 3.1.1 Follow the Plié 3 owner Guide on battery handling and charging. 3.1.2 If power is lost from the Plié 3 knee, it will default to the Stance Flexion resistance setting and will not release into swing. 3.1.3 Insert a charged battery when the Plié 3 MPC Knee low battery indicator is...

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Cap is Closed, Locked and Watertight 3.1.8 The following pictures show the proper steps to open and close the battery cap. Steps to Open or Close the Cap To Open: Press down latch. (The cap will spring open). To Close: Press firmly on entire cap until latch engages. Follow the Prosthetist Setup Guide to properly align and adjust the device. Two installation programs, Plié Control and Plié Gait Lab, are provided to optimize the computer settings for each patient. Verify the computer system minimum requirements before software installation (Microsoft Windows 7 or later operating system, 1.0...

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Careful attention to the alignment of the socket in relation to the Plie® 3 MPC Knee and the prosthetic foot is essential for a successful user outcome. The prosthesis alignment should account for the range of motion (ROM), voluntary control, and balance of individual users. Proper alignment and user voluntary control are essential to the optimal function of the prosthesis. Prior to assembly of the prosthesis, the prosthetist should measure the patient's hip joint range of motion (ROM) on the prosthetic side to determine if the user has a hip flexion contracture (Figure 1). If present, the...

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4.3.4 Ensure the transverse rotation of the knee and foot is appropriate. 4.3.5 Instruct the user to sit in a chair. Adjust the height of the knee joint axis to match the contralateral limb as closely as possible. To prevent risk of injury to the user, perform the static alignment, dynamic alignment, and set-up between parallel bars. Dynamic Alignment 4.4.1 Instruct the user to take a lunge step with the prosthesis. The lunge motion will allow the user to feel the Stance Flexion resistance and develop confidence. Repeat as necessary. 4.4.2 Instruct the user to carefully ambulate. Teach the...

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4.5 Plié Control 6 The Plié Control 6 software is required to program a Plié 3 MPC Knee. Download software from the Freedom Innovations website to install the program at 4.6 Plié 3 Setup Thoroughly read and follow the instructions as stated in the Prosthetist Setup Guide and Plié Setup Wizard to set up and program the knee. Utilize the “Help” function in the Plié Control software to assist any issues that may arise. 4.7 Finishing Options 4.7.1 A discontinuous, two-piece cover is recommended for cosmetic finishing. Care should be taken to ensure that the...

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Operating voltage: Charger input voltage: AC power adapter input voltage: Battery life: Air Valve: 6.3 Environmental Conditions 3.6 - 4.2 VDC 12 VDC 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Approximately 24 hours depending on use Exchangeable Battery temperature range for charging: Storage and shipping temperature range: Operating temperature range: Storage and operating relative humidity range: Storage and operating pressure range: Water and Dust Resistance: 8° C to 38° C (46° F to 100° F) -20° C to 80° C (-4° F to 176° F) -5° C to 45° C (23° F to 113° F) 0% to 100%, including condensation 500 hPa to 1060...

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