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Manufacturers of footcare products since 1975

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3.000 Spanish medical professionals purchasing products directly. Products manufactured in Spain: European service and quality. Medical Manufacturer Licence No 5649-PS. Management System Certification ISO 9001 and 13485.

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FRESCO INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Fresco invests strongly in R&D for the search for new products. We aim to cover the daily needs of professional doctors and patients with top quality and innovative products. R&D Lab: We have our own in-house R&D lab, investing resources in the search of new raw materials, new products and improving the design of old ones. Taylor manufacturing: We also offer the possibility to develop customised pieces and products for our customers. We have the ability to start from a pencil drawn design and be able to offer a final product in a short space of...

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CONTACT US Placing your order: By Telephone: Monday to Thursday from 8.30 to 14.00 and 16.00 to 19.00h Calle Sicília 143 bjs, Barcelona 08013 (Spain) Export department details: Mr. Guillermo Segura E-mail: E-mail: Export Manager General Manager Customer service contact: Mrs. Mónica González E.mail: Tel. (+34) 932 314 812 Customer Service & Logistics Sales conditions: For more info please refer to Sales conditions on page 47 of this catalogue. Sourcing and special requirements: If you can’t find a suitable stock product in this catalogue,...

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Gel Protectors 7/23 Silicone Insoles 24/31 Silicones 32/38 Felts and Moleskins 39/45 Padding and Protection Products 46/49 Miscellaneous 50/51 Sales Conditions 52

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CUSHIONING FOR PAIN RELIEVING AND COMFORT Gel Properties All Fresco gel products contain a cross-linked three-dimensional polymer network swollen in a medical grade mineral oil. The gel contains a medical grade mineral oil that softens, moisturises and lubricates the skin. The oil is released slowly helping to break down keratotic lesions and reduce and prevent keloid and hypertrophic scarring. »» Friction to the skin is greatly reduced because the top and bottom surfaces of the gel move independently of each other. »» Because the gel flows in all directions when subjected to weight or...

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FRESCO INTERNATIONAL CUSHIONING FOR PAIN RELIEVING AND COMFORT We offer different types of packaging depending on the market your needs are: The entire Deramed range is available in plastic gripper bags except for products such as gel insoles and half sock which are packaged in a box. This cost-saving packaging is ideal for the professional who requires more than one unit per pack. Professional packaging contains instructions in the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch and German.* Code format for gel products packed in...

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CUSHIONING FOR PAIN RELIEVING AND COMFORT Point of Sale Stands We offer different options of point of sale displays for product displaying depending on your needs. Counter Stand Display Mainly designed to display gel protectors. Ideal for places where space is at a premium. REF. F-00030-01    REF. F-00030-05 Round display - 12 racks. Measures: 350 mm deep 350 mm width 550 mm height Measures packed: The shipping box is 590 x 250 x 250 mm Floor Stand Display Designed to display gel protectors and silicone insoles. Ideal for showrooms, shops and exhibitions. REF. F-00030-09 UP T015...

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FRESCO INTERNATIONAL CUSHIONING FOR PAIN RELIEVING AND COMFORT ref. F-00075-00 Very practical plastic box with transparent cover that comes with 32 units of different gel products. (see list) With 9 compartments inside and a handle for easy transportation. The box can be used multiple times and will keep the gel products clean and tidy. Very strong and with easy open and close. 1. PURE DIGITAL CAP REF. F-00033-01    2    unit 7. DIGITAL RING PAD REF. F-00041-04    3    units 9. DIGITAL RING PAD REF. F-00041-06    3    units Superior relief from painful corns O    o Cu/hiorv Relieve/ Pain S...

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CUSHIONING FOR PAIN RELIEVING AND COMFORT Rings O    O Cu/hiorv Relieve/ Pain & & Protect/    Give/ Comfort N Superior relief from painful corns \____ PURE GEL RING REF. F-00041 An Elastic ring produced entirely of pure Tribloc Polymer Gel, made with 90% pure medical grade white mineral oil. Specially designed to protect toes from discomfort caused by chafing, corns, sores and external forces caused by footwear. Alleviate pain immediately. DIGITAL PAD / CORN PAD REF. F-00041 Elasticated 2.0 cm digital ring, with 2 mm thick internal gel disc. Specifically designed to protect chafing, corns,...

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FRESCO INTERNATIONAL GEL PROTECTORS CUSHIONING FOR PAIN RELIEVING AND COMFORT Tubes O    O Cu/hion/ Relieve/ Pain & & Protect/    Give/ Comfort Superior relief from painful corns GEL TUBE REF. F-00050 An elasticised tubular bandage with fully gel lined interior, which will totally protect the affected area, and can be cut to length as the patient requires. Suitable for both the hand and the foot, reducing digit friction and lubricating the skin, accelerating the healing process of scars and closed wounds. Recommended for the reduction of digit friction, hard skin and pain reduction during...

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GEL PROTECTORS CUSHIONING FOR PAIN RELIEVING AND COMFORT O ® Cu/hiorv Relieve/ Pain & UUo/hable fTloi/turi/e/ the Skin & Protect/ Give/ Comfort & Reu/able TOE SPREADER REF. F-00054 Separates the 1st big and second toes, holding overlapping toes in their correct position. Suitable for post-operative Hallux Valgus (bunion) patients, it protects against chaffing between the toes. Its elasticity and softness allow it to fit all toes without causing discomfort. DAY & NIGHT GEL BUNION SPREADER REF. F-00054-54/55 Made of soft and smooth moisturising Deramed® gel, it is a combination of the all gel...

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