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Padding and Protection

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PADDING & PROTECTION METHOD CARRE - TREATMENT PACK FOR INGROWING TOENAILS REF. F-00018-01 Box of 20 units Treatment pack for ingrowing toenails: 1. Effective: The pain disappears instantly. The wound cicatrizes and the swelling disappears in few days. If used during enough time after the healing occurs, it eliminates the possibility of relapse. 2. Non aggressive: The preceding methods were based in modifying the nail's natural anatomy, either by deforming it during treatment or by totally or partially suppressing it (surgical methods). The present method does not alter neither the nail nor any of the adjacent tissues. 3. No Glues: No potentially harmful chemicals needed. The device can be easily removed anytime when necessary. 4. It goes unnoticed: Its size and placement make it hardly visible, even when bare. FOAM TOE SEPARATORS REF. F-00003 A firm rubber foam covered with a soft foam for a high comfort. They give effective and economical palliative relief for between toe friction and irritation. Foam Toe Separators Foam Toe Separators Foam Toe Separators Foam Toe Separators Bulk product codes: REF. F-00003-01G    Size 1 MOLESKIN TOE SEPARATORS REF. F-00021 A firm rubber foam covered with Fresco Sport Moleskin for a high comfort. They give effective and economical palliative relief for between toe friction and irritation. Moleskin Toe Separators    Size 1    4 per    bag Moleskin Toe Separators    Size 2    4 per    bag Moleskin Toe Separators    Size 3    4 per    bag Moleskin Toe Separators    Size 4    3 per    bag Bulk product codes: REF. F-00021-01G    Size 1

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FRESCO INTERNATIONAL TOE PROP LEATHER REF. F-00004 A latex foam shaped pad covered in a soft leather with an elastic net loop to fit over the toe. Designed to support curly or retracted toes and help relief pressure or pain. REF. F-00004-01    Toe Prop Leather    Size S    1 pair per bag REF. F-00004-02    Toe Prop Leather    Size L    1 pair per bag TOE ALIGNER REF. F-00005 Toe aligner is made of cushioning hypoallergenic foams. Elastic loops gently correct deviation of claw or hammer toes, simultaneously protecting and alleviating the pressure exercised in the metatarsal area. For all...

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PADDING & PROTECTION DIGITAL CAP TOE PROTECTOR - FOAM REF. F-00012 A Cap which offers protection against injuries on the whole surface of the toes. Ideal for toes which have been amputated or have damaged nerve endings. REF. F-00012-01    Digital    Cap Toe Protector - Foam    Size 1    1    per    bag REF. F-00012-02    Digital    Cap Toe Protector - Foam    Size 2    1    per    bag REF. F-00012-03    Digital    Cap Toe Protector - Foam    Size 3    1    per    bag ELASTIC BAND REF. F-00013 Elastic. Puts the bonds in radial right position and the metatarsal in varus position. 1 pair per...

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