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Scar and Burn Pads

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deramed clinic Pa/t improvement of /cor ti//ue Vi/iblc re/ult/ after few day/ of application Deramed ® Clinic Scar & Burn care gel products comply with ISO 10993 - 10 and 10993 - 5 CE Citotoxicity and Biocompatibility tests. They are hypoallergenic, non toxic and do not support bacterial growth. Non- sterile. Do not apply on open or weeping wounds. Ba/e/ of the Study Scar & Burn care sheets had been tested by two reputed Dermatologists with a long experience in tumoral cutaneous injuries. Doctors concurred that after using Deramed Scar & Burn care sheets during 30 days, upper cutaneous skin cicatrisations had notably improved. Scar and burn care helping reduce /car ti//ue Valuation of the doctor/ "The application of Scar & Bum care sheets significantly reduces the formation of excessive post-surgical scar tissue which, without dressings is very apparent about one month after the operation". "Post operative pruritus also decreased sharply and the common discomfort caused by a cutaneous operation made under tension markedly improved". "The application of hidrocolloid gel sheets improves the cicatrisation of upper cutaneous injuries". "Neither rejection nor allergic reaction was observed in any treatment". Periareolar Discs Range Product/ ► BREAST GEL PADS ► PERIAREOLAR PADS ► ABDOMINAL PADS ► MULTI-USE GEL SHEET Deramed Clinic Scar & Bum core gel product/ comply uuith ISO 10993 - IO and 10993 - 5 CE Ototoxicity and Biocompatibility te/t/. They ore hypoallergenic, non tonic and do not /upport bacterial grouuth. flon- /terile. Do not apply on open or weeping wound/. Manufactured by: Fresco International 2005 S.A. Sicilia 143, bjs. 08012 Barcelona (Spain) | Manufactured by: Fresco International 2005 S.A. Sicilia 143, bjs. 08012 Barcelona (Spain) |

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Scar and burn care helping reduce /car ti//ue Composition: deramed clinic Pormulated with e//ential oil/ Scar and burn care helping reduce /car tLr/ue Rose Hip Oil (Rosa Canina Oil),Wheatgerm Oil (Triticum Vulgare Oil), Manteca Karite (Butyrospermum Parkii), Carrot Seed Essential Oil (Daucus Carota). Deramed Clinic Gel product/ are formulated uiith e//ential oil/ and IOO% vegetable oil/. These oils contain 100% natural vitamins and other active ingredients which are essential for skin care and are quickly absorbed by skin perspiration. Periareolar Discs ► Start treatment once the wound has...

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