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Fenwal Alyx Component Collection System

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Truly Mobile Automation Lightweight housing Quick Connect System Stair-Climbing Wheels Icon-based touch screen Integrated solutions Rugged Cart Frame

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Productivity with Alyx Truly Mobile Automation The Fenwal Alyx is designed to go mobile with easy transport, set-up and operational features. With its compact design and pre-attached solutions, Alyx is uniquely positioned for efficient mobile red blood cell and plasma collections. Collection Needs Dynamic Alyx enables you to collect test-ready components chair-side and have the flexibility to collect the most needed components based on each donor’s blood type, qualifications and blood center needs. Your collection needs are dynamic; your collection system needs to be as well. Three...

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Minimal Lab Processing • Produces consistent test ready red cell and plasma products • Minimal steps required in lab • Automated leukoreduction of red cells • Adsol metered into final red cell product Improve Product Yield Improve product yield through decreased QNS with Single Unit Recovery • If a 2RBC procedure is terminated early, the system may recover product from red blood cells available in the kit2 • The first draw cycle is 450 mL to improve the likelihood of recovering a single unit after the first draw The ALYX cart increases mobility with stair-climbing wheels. Designed for Easy...

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Unlock the Power of Your Data Alyx combined with DXT Data Management enables you to access data on collection operations and helps you monitor your operations and focus on key performance indicators. Increase productivity and achieve your goals by having information readily available. Improve records, documentation and tracking with Data Management. Operational Efficiency Reporting Quickly identify trends and opportunities for improvements by monitoring procedure results. • Access electronic reports anywhere, anytime3 • Analyze key performance indicators such as daily utilization, number of...

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Three Corporate Drive Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047 INFUSE ~ TRANSFUSE ~ NOURISH Wv FRESENIUS For more information please contact us at or 800-333-6925. Ill KABI

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