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Fenwal Alyx Plasma Procedure EXPAND PLASMA COLLECTION OPTIONS Expand your plasma collection options through the use of Alyx plasma collection procedures capable of collecting up to four units of plasma (up to 825 mL) per eligible donor.

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ALYX Plasma Procedure - 2

Fenwal Alyx Plasma Procedure Expand Collection Options with Plasma Increase plasma yield from a donor • Any eligible donor can donate up to 650 mL • Higher weight donors may give up to 825 mL • Three plasma collection options: 450, 650 and 825 mL Expand your automated donor population • Lower weight donors: compared to 2RBC • Lower hematocrit donors: compared to 2RBC • Increased utilization of AB donors Enhance Operational Efficiencies • Multiple plasma containers for convenient lab handling: one 1000 mL and three 450 mL containers Collection Times • Saline and ACD-A solutions attached to...

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