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A Fresenius Kabi Company Productivity with Alyx • Single Unit Recovery procedure • Enhanced data management tools • Enhance operational efficiency • Optimize donor contribution and • Experience bottom-line improvements multi-component collection, processing, and filtration Alyx system with features like Single Unit Recovery and enhanced data management, provides versatility and flexibility for blood collection. The Alyx system gives you more ways to get the most from your donors, your team and your business.

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Component Collection System A Fresenius Kabi Company Productivity with Alyx Improve product yield through decreased QNS with Single Unit Recovery • If a 2RBC procedure is terminated early, the system may recover product from red blood cells • The first draw cycle has been increased to 450 ml_ to improve the likelihood of recovering a single unit after the first draw •Recovered unit is non-leukoreduced. Improve records, documentation and tracking, and sharpen operator training with enhanced data management • Track and report key statistics such as donor parameters, procedure summaries, alarm...

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