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The Fresenius Kabi Fenwal Amicus Separator helps blood centers increase their inventory of lifesaving platelet and plasma products, enhance the efficiency of their apheresis professionals, and expand the impact of their donors.

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Because one more dose collected is one more patient treated, one more person saved or one more life renewed. It’s why we do this. It’s why more matters.

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PRECISION DESIGN TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE MORE Designed to deliver Amicus features technology that, combined with our expert consulting services can help you increase the precision and efficiency of your platelet collections, yielding high split rates across a wider range of donors. So even before you begin a procedure, with Amicus, you’re already ahead. Product options Designed to ease the product selection process and customize each procedure to each donor. Weight scales Designed to ensure accurate fluid volumes are collected and returned. Fenwal Customer Solutions Interface detector Designed...

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CUSTOMIZE MORE From start to finish—and every moment in-between — Fenwal Amicus makes it possible to tailor procedures around the individual donor. With the control Amicus offers, your apheresis professionals can maximize the impact of each donation. Fine-tune for best outcomes At the beginning of every collection, Amicus lets you easily select product combinations most appropriate to your donor’s parameters and to center demand—single, double, or triple platelet doses, with concurrent plasma and RBCs. Expand your options even further by choosing Intersol Solution as a storage medium to...

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CONNECT MORE Information that increases efficiency With Fenwal Amicus DXT Data Management, blood centers can clearly identify ways to achieve more efficient collections, and apheresis professionals can focus on their practice and their purpose—not on paperwork. Link Amicus to your BECS system to access and automatically load donor and procedure records before and after each collection. Fast, accurate barcode scanning streamlines workflow and reduces risk of manual entry errors. And with electronic reports, blood centers can measure, track and analyze procedural success rates across site,...

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Three Corporate Drive Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047 INFUSE ~ TRANSFUSE ~ NOURISH

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