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MEDICAL DEVICES PLASMAPHERESIS SYSTEM Improved efficiency, outstanding donation

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Plasmapheresis System Improved efficiency, outstanding donation experience The Aurora Plasmapheresis System combines an easy-to-use, interactive touch screen display with new data management technology to streamline procedures and improve both the operator and donor experience. The Aurora Plasmapheresis System integrates cutting-edge technology – like connectivity with the DXT Relay data management solution – to deliver timely, insightful information about your procedures. But that’s just one of the powerful new features of the Aurora Plasmapheresis System. Key Features . Interactive,...

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Superior operational efficiency Experience how the Aurora Plasmapheresis System can help you improve your center’s efficiency and provide a better experience for your operators. Command the procedure with a simple touch Work smarter with DXT Relay The Aurora Plasmapheresis System guides umenting, as the DXT Relay data manage- your operator through every step of the ment solution provides powerful two-way procedure, and provides continuous up- data communication. Focus more on collecting, and less on doc- dates and helpful troubleshooting assistance. As a result, operators can work with ....

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Excellent donor experience Better donation experiences create happier donors The Aurora Plasmapheresis System contributes to donor retention and helps you improve donor management. The Aurora Plasmapheresis System helps ensure that your donors have a better experience so they are more likely to return again and again . Modern design includes a new donor display with collection status and improved squeezed prompts . Improved alarms notification system and new troubleshooting graphics help your operators quickly resolve issues . Enhanced vein control is designed to more consistently maximize...

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High-quality unique technology Thanks to its unique ‘spinning’ membrane technology, the Aurora Plasmapheresis System gives you the highest quality plasma The Aurora Plasmapheresis System utilizes the unique spinning membrane in combination with tangential filtration technology. It enables the collection of virtually cell-free plasma, meeting European requirements without subsequent filtration. EU requirement Ref: QC Requirements of the Council of Europe (FFP) Rotor Housing Whole Blood Input Port Membrane Plasma Channels Advantages of virtually cell-free plasma . Very low platelet content2...

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