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MEDICAL DEVICES Virtually cell-free plasma

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Your challenge is our concern: safely collect virtually cell-free plasma The Partner of Choice It’s comprehensive . Autopheresis-C system . Autopheresis-C kits . Fistula needles . Solutions . Automated data collection iTrace It’s complete . Installation and site startup consulting . Operations consulting . Advanced Auto-C training It’s concrete . A combination of spinning membrane and tangential filtration technology . Low extracorporeal volume . Adaptive vein control with continuous monitoring system ➥ o deliver you Virtually Cell Free Plasma without Subsequent Filtration1 T ➥ o provide...

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The unique spinning membrane combined with a tangential filtration technology provides you with the Highest quality plasma The Autopheresis-C system is an automated plasmapheresis system comprised of the instrument and the Plasmacell-C disposable set. The Autopheresis-C system utilizes the unique spinning membrane combined with a tangential filtration technology. It enables you to collect virtually cell-free plasma quickly and efficiently. Advantages of virtually cell-free plasma . Very Low Platelet content4 which minimizes the potential risk to impact the yield in fractionation process, as...

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Experience how the Autopheresis-C helps you to Grow your plasma centers and collections Autopheresis-C system optimizes your overall plasma donation process . Turbo Mode maximizes the operator efficiency by reducing the procedure time. . Automated data collection iTrace system improves the operator productivity, the procedural quality and efficiency. . No pre-assembly required for the kits which enables you to have less human intervention, less of ordering of items and less inventory space needed Choose the options to meet your collection needs . 16- or 17-gauge fistula with and without...

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Autopheresis-C system offers a safe and comfortable donation experience . Minimize risk of hypovolaemia with low extracorporeal volume . Eliminate potential hazards caused by mis-spiking of solutions . Maximize donor comfort with accurate fluid delivery, adaptive vein controls and continuous monitoring system Autopheresis-C system delivers high quality plasma meeting the strictest guideline requirements for both transfusion and fractionation Deliver virtually cell free plasma meeting the most stringent European requirements without subsequent filtration QC Requirements of the Council of...

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Higher efficiency at your fingertips Switch to Turbo Mode A simple way to maximize efficiency without compromise A simple gesture activates the Turbo Mode by increasing the draw rate to 120mL/min. and Return rate to 150mL/min., this reduces the procedure time, but still maintains the adaptive vein control system to assure donor comfort. Why should you switch to Turbo Mode?5 . Maximize Operational Efficiency Procedure time reduces with an average of 6% with Turbo Mode (mean ± SD) . Contribute to Donor Retention Because donors can donate the same value in less time without side effects . No...

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Discover the iTrace software The advanced process control you can count on iTrace is the advanced software application that transfers and stores apheresis data from the Autopheresis-C system. This valuable procedure information can easily be converted into data customized reports or data export (Ascii, XLS formats). iTrace software improves staff productivity and reduces time for: . Manual documentation and archiving . Electronic reporting . Fixing illegible and incomplete records . Data retrieval iTrace software efficiency reports help to easier monitor apheresis operations . Procedure...

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