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Compocouch The comfortable donation and apheresis couches Comfortable relaxation when sitting due to the twin-belt system and exchangeable bolster pad made of highly absorbent foam material. Adjustment/control buttons are arranged logically on the remote control. No tipping over of the couch in case of a donor collaps (up to 200 kg). Press only one button to immediately reach shock position. A new key system guarantees that the personnel stays in full control of the Compocouch. The arm rests can be moved in and out to adjust seat width to suit individual requirements. Especially for whole...

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Compocouch Couches for comfortable donor care cream Couch color stone Couch color Design Fresh new colors combined with a wide range of models and functions for high variability. Couch color light grey Couch color Optional Adjustable foot rest. Couch color standard Accessories A wide variety of useful accessories is available. Maximum Load 200 kg – ”Evolution“ and ”Start“ 1 50 kg – ”Compochair“ pastel blue Couch color Couch color standard azure Couch color kiwi Couch color chestnut Couch color black Couch color grey covers and metal frame white Couch color

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Compocouch models & accessories Evolution A3/A4 The high-end model High-end model Evolution A3/A4 with outstanding features. The optimal solution for blood donation in transfusion medicine. A4 is delivered with four, A3 with three motors (without height adjustment). The new comfort button moves back-, seat- and foot part simultaneously (rocking chair function). The angle of the arm rest is adjustable. Start A2/A3 The economical model The Start models have the same construction features as the Evolution models. Through simplified basic chassis and design, an improved price/benefit relation...

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A wide variety of attractive and useful accessories is available for the Compocouch models Technical data Base width Base length Total overall width Distance between arm rests (adjustable) Seat/base height Padding and neck support upholstery Skai, flame retardant Skai, flame retardant Color frame light grey light grey light grey light grey light grey Color arm and foot rest dark grey dark grey dark grey dark grey dark grey Electric motor with limit switch Transformer nominal power Primary Maximum load Gross weight (incl. packaging) Back rest tilt Seat rest tilt Shock position Back rest tilt...

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Ordering information For more information such as literature, technical details and working procedures, as well as for equipment, please contact your local sales representative or us. Order number Compocouch models Start A2 with wedge shaped armrest, lightgrey Start A2 with wedge shaped armrest, pastel blue Start A3 with wedge shaped armrest, lightgrey Start A3 with wedge shaped armrest, pastel blue Evolution A3 with wedge shaped armrest, lightgrey Evolution A3 with wedge shaped armrest, pastel blue Evolution A4 with wedge shaped armrest, lightgrey Evolution A4 with wedge shaped armrest,...

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