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CompoFlex® Single System

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Compoflex® Basic – The new system for cost quality and performance The high quality blood bags are designed for most secure blood collection, separation, preservation and transfusion. Blood bag features: • Single, double, triple, quadruple blood bag systems available • Variety of bag sizes and configurations, e. g. top-top and top-bottom systems • Round bag shape for increased yield of blood components during separation • 16G siliconized super-thin wall and sharp needles for smooth punctures and high blood flow rates • CPDA-1 or CPD/SAG-M anticoagulant preservation for 35 days or 42 days...

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st conscious customers with a focus on Compoflex® systems are available as conventional or T & B (Top & Bottom) systems Conventional system T & B system Conventional systems T & B systems For easy preparation of plasma, red cell concentrate For fast preparation of plasma, red cell concentrate and platelet concentrate from whole blood. and platelet concentrate with high quality. High plasma and red cell yields Low hemolysis rate related to separation process L • ow WBC contamination in all blood components • Optimal buffy coat removal results in excellent platelet yield • CPD or CPDA-1 as...

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Ordering information For more information, literature, technical details and working instructions as well as for equipment please contact your local sales representative or us. Compoflex® Basic Single T111xxx* – Double T211xxx* – Triple Your local sales organization: 7315601/1  (eng 11.12)   © Fresenius Kabi Deutschland GmbH * variety of different blood bag systems with different sizes, additive and storage solutions are available. A

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