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Fresenius Kabi Compounding Solutions

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More than just products … The Complete Solution in Compounding!

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Key Features of Fresenius Kabi Compounding Solutions Fresenius Kabi can offer everything that counts for compounding Standard Solutions Quality System Transfer Devices Stability Blueprints PN Products information Software FREE UP YOUR STAFF so they can focus on patient care and therapy ELIMINATE RISKS associated with staff exposure to cytotoxic drugs IMPROVE SAFETY by reducing the risk of human error in the reconstitution processes AVOID HIDDEN COSTS of maintenence, training and meeting new regulatory reguirements ADDED CONVENIENCE with timely delivery of oncology products in a range of...

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resenius Kabi is a global company striving to improve the lives of patients. State-of-the-art production processes, compounding consulting services and much more have been developed and implemented in our numerous compounding centers. More than 20 years of compounding experience has made us the No. 1 provider for compounding. We offer comprehensive compounding competence to those who seek compounding excellence. The unique portfolio of products, services and devices has symbiotically evolved into a complete toolbox of compounding solutions. Market-leading experience in the field of medical...

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Fresenius Kabi Compounding Solutions YOUR PARTNER IN COMPOUNDING An ever-changing environment! The Fresenius Kabi Offer ● Professional support Improvement of work and outcome Competent service worldwide there Are numerous Challenges related to compounding: ● Hospital wards are not designed for aseptic preparation1 ● igh cost of facility maintenance and high-quality equipment H ● Risk of contamination with cytotoxics2 ● Doctors and nurses are under significant time pressure3 ● Preparation errors due to work overload or lack of cGMP control measures etc3, 4 ● High investment in well skilled...

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Product Quality It is the key to treatment outcome! The Fresenius Kabi Offer ● H ighly qualified and experienced personnel Premium facilities and equipment Adherence to International regulations With Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in mind, Fresenius Kabi has defined a state-of-the-art quality management system which has been implemented in all Fresenius Kabi compounding centers operated around the world. Improved product quality is reflected by: ● Highly qualified and experienced personnel focussed on the technical aspects of the provided products and services. ● Fresenius Kabi has a...

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Fresenius Kabi Compounding Solutions safety Safety first! The Fresenius Kabi Offer ● Improved personnel safety minimiZed risk of contamination Premium equipment and organiZation Your daily work is healing and helping patients. Focussing on the clinical care and treatment of patients is your core area of expertise. Fresenius Kabi minimizes the risk of providing contaminated preparations to patients and reduce the risk of exposure associated with drug manipulation. Improved personnel safety and prevention of contamination with cytotoxics: ● Employing trained and highly qualified personnel,...

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blueprints Make the most of your time! The Fresenius Kabi Offer ● Time-saving for more focused work Improved compliance and management comprehensive documentation In a cost-conscious health care environment time becomes sparse and valuable. We want to help and support what you do best: Caring for patients! Fresenius Kabi Compounding can offer you: ● Saving preparation time and hence allowing nurses and doctors to focus on patient care and therapy. ● Reduction of medication errors through systematic checks of prescriptions. ● High assurance of stability and sterility of all compounded...

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Fresenius Kabi Compounding Solutions Portfolio Compounding solutions – Sophisticated from Prescription to the Patient The Fresenius Kabi Offer ● Good manufacturing practice H igh-quality starting materials Full range of required PRODUCTS Good compounded products do not only rely on good manufacturing procedures, but also on high-quality starting materials Fresenius Kabi offers a full range of products needed both for compounding and for administering the compounded product: Intravenous drugs (e. g. cytotoxics, anti-infectives, pain) Medical devices for administration Medical devices for...

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CONTINUOUS INNOVATIONS Little details can make a big difference! The Fresenius Kabi Offer ● THE NON-REMOVABLE ADMINISTRATION SET: Infudrop® FX Safe applications with the “click” No spillage by accidental detachment Pre-filled by pharmacist with fluids free of cytotoxics The Fresenius Kabi development team constantly works together with compounding pharmacists to improve their daily compounding operations. ● “Safe application” in mind triggered the development of this sophisticated solution: the non-removable Infudrop® FX ● Easy and intuitive handling through the clear colour coding “blue to...

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Fresenius Kabi Local Service Competent Service provided Locally The Fresenius Kabi Offer ● Highly qualified personnel Guarantees high quality Modern facilities and equipment for improved safety ­ Competent service with your needS in mind Full range of high quality products for compounding LOCAL EXPERTISE AND MARKET KNOWLEDGE

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Comp 08/12  © Fresenius Kabi Deutschland GmbH Fresenius Kabi Deutschland GmbH Else-Kröner-Straße 1 61352 Bad Homburg v.d.H. Germany Phone: +49 (0) 61 72 686-0 E-Mail:

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