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Fenwal Amicus

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MONONUCLEAR CELL (MNC) COLLECTION Fenwal Amicus Therapeutic apheresis and cell collection PRECISION COLLECTION. SOFT, SAFE CARE. The Gentle Science design of Fenwal Amicus puts precision MNC collection at your fingertips—while providing soft, safe care to the patients and donors who count on you.

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Putting precision collection at your fingertips Providing soft, safe care to patients and donors Median MNC collection efficiency (CE1) Optimize collection efficiencies Meeting your patients’ clinical needs is always your primary goal. The Fenwal Amicus Gentle Science design delivers precision with the high efficiency you’ve come to expect. HIGH COLLECTION EFFICIENCIES HIGH YIELD Collection Wide harvest setting end ononuclear cell Platelets return during collection Collection start setting (MNC offset) Collection end setting (RBC offset) Platelet Red blood cell Platelet Red blood cell Every...

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Three Corporate Drive Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047 INFUSE ~ TRANSFUSE ~ NOURISH

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