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Gastrostomy Feeding

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Male Luer Lock Adapter CH9 Male Luer Lock Adapter CH15 Male Luer Lock Adapter CH20 Gastrostomy Feeding CARE GUIDELINES FOR PATIENTS & CARERS ENTERAL NUTRITION ENTERAL NUTRITION Fresenius Kabi Limited Cestrian Court, Eastgate Way, Manor Park, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 1NT tel: 01928 533533 fax: 01928 533520 email: ® is a registered trademark of Fresenius Kabi AG. Fresenius Kabi Ltd is an authorised user. © Fresenius Kabi Ltd. August 2012 Date of preparation: August 2012 EN00322 sss FRESENIUS KABI caring for life sss FRESENIUS KABI caring for life

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Contents ^ Introduction ^ What is gastrostomy feeding? ^ How is the tube inserted? ^ Why do I need a gastrostomy feeding tube? ^ How long will the tube last? ^ How soon after the tube insertion can I begin feeding? ^ What feed will I receive? ^ Feeding regimen ^ Tube care ^ Administration of medication ^ Methods of flushing the tube ^ Tube blockage ^ Attaching a new Freka® PEG luer lock adaptor ^ Skincare ^ Rotation of the Freka® PEG ^ Frequently asked patient questions ^ Accessory items -) Introduction This booklet aims to provide you with information about your gastrostomy feeding tube...

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Why do I need a gastrostomy feeding tube? You are currently unable to take enough food and fluid by mouth to meet all your nutritional needs. The gastrostomy feeding tube will provide access for feed to be administered into your stomach. How long will the tube last? The tube is made from polyurethane, which is compatible with the human body and if the tube is well cared for, it can last for a few years. ->■ How soon after tube insertion can I begin feeding? Water will be used as an initial feed, put down the tube. This will be decided by your GP, Dietitian or Nurse, but your feed...

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Tube blockage If you are unable to flush the tube or you can see a blockage you may try the following, if unsuccessful on the first step try the next: 1. Ensure all the clamps are open and the tube is not kinked. 2. Connect a 50ml female or reverse luer syringe to the end of the tube and try to draw back (aspirate) to remove any excess fluid. 3. Massage the tube around the area of blockage if obviously visible. 4. Flush with 50ml of warm water (sterile or cooled boiled). Leave in the tube (clamp) for 30 minutes then reflush. 5. Flush with 50ml carbonated water. Leave in the tube (clamp) for...

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Do not rotate the tube if the site is discharging or not healed. Always check with your Healthcare Professional about when to start rotation. A suggestion to rotate on a specific day as follows: 1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. 2. Clean the external plate as advised by your Healthcare Professional. 3. Open the fixation catch (see Fig 3). 4. Detach tube from groove in fixation plate (see Fig 4). 5. Move plate away from skin (see Fig 5). 6. Clean tube and stoma area and the underside of the plate and dry. Push 2-3cm of the tube into the stomach and rotate, gently pull back the...

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