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Orchestra® Base A

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MEDICAL DEVICES Data sheet DATA CONCENTRATOR The Base A is a Data Concentrator and supplies mains power for up to 8 Module DPS and/or Module DPS Visio and/or Module MVP. The Base A enables the connection of Orchestra Infusion Workstation to a Patient Data Management System via a unique RS 232 cable.

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BASE A Orchestra According to the number of intravenous infusions needed, at any combination, up to 8 Modules (Orchestra Module DPS or Module DPS Visio or Module MVP) can be tted onto the Orchestra Base A. A single mains cord and a single communication cable help reduce installation constraints. Infusion Workstation composed of Bases and Infusion Modules adapted to every clinical practice. Module DPS Modular Syringe Pump TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS MAINS SUPPLY Characteristics: 6V 1.1/1.3 Ah - sealed lead acid battery rechargeable. Battery life: 2 hours minimum. ALARMS, PREALARMS AND SAFETY...

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