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Orchestra® Module DPS Visio

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MEDICAL DEVICES Data sheet Module DPS VISIO SYRINGE PUMP Component of your Orchestra Infusion Workstation, the Module DPS Visio combines simplicity and comfort. The Module DPS Visio can be integrated into all Orchestra configurations to provide you with the Infusion Workstation that corresponds to your practice and protocols.

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MODULE DPS VISIO Orchestra PERFORMANCE FLOW RATE RANGE ± 1 % on mechanism (measured-time: > 1 hour, minimum 1 mI). SYRINGE CAPACITIES TWO OCCLUSION PROGRAMMING MODES PRESSURE ALARM LEVELS Variable threshold mode: numerically selected occlusion pressure alarm. Pre-selection mode: 3 pre-selected occlusion levels. OCCLUSION PRE-ALARM Imminent occlusion warning. DPS - DYNAMIC PRESSURE SYSTEM Line disconnection alarm, indication of pressure increase and decrease in the infusion line, increase pressure alarm. DOUBLE PRESSURE DISPLAY Numerical values of the line pressure and the selected limit,...

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