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Autopsy Table - 1

Autopsy Table Autopsy table completely made of stainless steel AISI 304, material thickness 1,5 mm. Foundation with vertically controlled floor legs. Table top with sound attenuating foam-insulation and negative diagonal folds to the drain (Ø 50 mm). Removable perforated residual container (Ø 100 mm, height 100 mm) and PVC drain tube. Extra large organ basin (600 x 400 x 200 mm) with stand pipe, seamlessly welded, free from sharp edges and well polished. Dimensions L/W/H: 2600 x 850 x 850 mm Loading capacity: 200 kg Weight approx. 90 kg Packing dimensions L/W/H: approx. 2650 x 950 x 1100 mm (carton + palette) Gross weight: 150 kg With adjustable feet Movable, with 4 steering wheels (Ø 125 mm) (design or specifications subject to change without notice)

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Autopsy Table - 2

Accessories for Autopsy Tables: No. 80530/1 Organ Cutting Table With instrument tray Made of stainless steel AISI 304. The hollow HYGENIA – cutting board juts out over the edge approx. 2 mm. The cutting board is fitted in with space left to the side and to the bottom to allow liquids to drip into the drip-tray located below and drain into the viscera basin. The drip – tray with diagonal folds towards the drain (approx. 35 mm) is located beneath the cutting board. The instrument tray is perforated and extensible. Dimensions L/W/H: 700/850 x 500 x 320 mm Weight approx. 20 kg Organ Cutting...

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