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Archwire Products Precision engineered and manufactured by G&H® in the U.S.A. M5™ THERMAL COPPER NICKEL TITANIUM The culmination of years of research and development • Thermal heat activated • Available in • Gentler loading forces for easier engagement all archforms. • Precise temperature transformation of 27o C • Preloaded • Consistent and predictable tooth moving forces stops optional. G4™ NICKEL TITANIUM Teeth move farther and faster with lower initial load forces and increased residual forces as full shape recovery progresses Lower load forces of engagement • Easier wire deflection and delivery to bracket • Less stress on bonds • Increased patient comfort Higher residual forces of recovery • Full shape recovery • Complete unraveling and archform development • Stays active to the end - Moves teeth the last 1/2mm Tested to ANSI/ADA Specification #32, Orthodontic Wires: 2006 Titanium Molybdenum Alloy TitanMoly™ TITANIUM MOLYBDENUM The moderate force alternative to Stainless Steel Archwires • TitanMoly™ titanium molybdenum provides force levels 45% less than those of equivalent stainless steel arches • TitanMoly™ represents the latest material science available in titanium molybdenum archwires • Smooth surface finish-mechanically polished • Accepts adaptation bends without breaking • Nickel-free TitanMoly™ Titanium Molybdenum vs. Stainless Steel 3-Point Deflection Test G4™ Archwires are available in: • Single or Bulk Pack • 33 archforms or straight lengths • Optional Preloaded Stops • Pre-Torqued • Tooth-Colored • Triple-Force • Reverse Curve • Optional Midline Dimple S304vm STAINLESS STEEL • 304v medical grade stainless steel wire • State-of-the-art forming ensures precise archforms • Available in 33 archforms or straight lengths • XRI™ heat treated stainless also available Posted Stainless Steel • Bendable brass posts are soldered with a proprietary technique that eliminates annealed wires and ensures clean, strong and consistent joints 1000 TitanMoly™ Stainless Steel 0 • Only G&H ball-post wires feature a heat-treated and stress-relieved base wire for increased resiliency and improved mechanics. Brass ball posts ensure patient comfort. Post spacing available in 22mm to 44mm in 2mm increments The world’s best manufacturer of premium archwires—99.9% practitioner satisfaction* for G&H wires. *Based on orders shipped free of complaints/concerns.

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Archwire Products From the world’s best manufacturer of premium archwires Titanium Molybdenum Alloy The world’s best manufacturer of premium archwires—99.9% practitioner satisfaction for G&H wires. 2165 Earlywood Drive Franklin, IN 46131 U.S.A. 866-573-9884 U.S. & Canada +1 317-346-6655 International The world’s best manufacturer of premium archwires—99.9% practitioner satisfaction* for G&

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