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miniCATALOG Prices good thru December 31, 2016 World’s Best Manufacturer of Premium Archwires A smoother titanium molybdenum wire than the leading competitor. • Lower Force • Bendable • Nickel-Free “TitanMoly is the most effective titanium molybdenum archwire I have found. It is easily adaptable without breakage and enhances my treatment plans.” FREE SAMPLE in your preferred shape and wire size. Call Toll-Free: 866-698-7689 or visit: Discounts Available on ALL PRODUCTS with an or call 866-698-7689 Order any of our products online! ORTHOCLUB Membership! Sign up online – or call:

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Actual patients wearing miniPrevail3 brackets and G4™ NiTi archwires. WON'T WANT TO MISS TITANIUM MOLYBDENUM WIRE LOWER FORCE • BENDABLE • NICKEL-FREE LEADING COMPETITOR! WHOLESALE BUYING GROUP Adenna" Gold Exam Gloves Latex Gloves Tooth Brushes Phone Orders: Toll-free within the U.S. and Canada: Email Orders: Our phone lines are open Monday through Friday all orders the same day order is placed, barring special circumstances. DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ON ALL PRODUCTS with an ORTHOCLUB5 Membership! Sign up online - or call: 866-698-768

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Experience the clinical difference of G&H® Archwires Sourcing of premium alloy materials Scientific testing protocols Proven clinical performance for more than 40 years Material science and engineering Quality, precision manufactured in the U.S.A. G&H is recognized as the world’s best manufacturer of premium archwires and G&H precision manufacturing processes make the difference. Scientific Testing Protocols Continuous, meticulous testing of each lot with 14 separate quality tests. Then, each wire undergoes a 28-point 100% final inspection before packaging. All wires successfully pass all...

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World’s Best Manufacturer of Premium Archwires The Perfect Bendable, Nickel-Free Wire TitanMoly™ titanium molybdenum wire exhibits a superior working range for various treatment adaptations. All orders of treatment bends can be applied without breakage. A smoother titanium molybdenum wire than the leading competitor The material science behind G&H® titanium molybdenum archwires means: • Smoother surface finish for improved sliding mechanics: – State-of-the-art diamond-drawing processes – Proprietary mechanical polishing technology, brighter finish Leading Competitor • Precise tolerances for...

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(Previously called BT3™ Beta Titanium) Titanium Molybdenum Wire TitanMoly™ titanium molybdenum archwires have enough recovery force and bendability without breaking, making them a preferred wire over stainless steel - and they are nickel-free. TitanMoly™ titanium molybdenum wires provide force levels that are 45% less than those of equivalent stainless steel arches. TitanMoly™ represents the latest material science available in Titanium Molybdenum archwires. Round: $4.05/ea. $40.50/pkg. of 10 (Bulk Packed) Rectangular: $4.40/ea. $44.00/pkg. of 10 (Bulk Packed) cartons of 10 individually...

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Archwires Archwires G4™ NiTi wire provides lower initial load forces and increased residual forces as full shape recovery progresses. Teeth move farther and faster. Available in all archforms SOLO-PACK™ cartons of 10, add: .90¢/per wire Dimpled Midline – add: .40¢/per wire • Higher residual forces of recovery • Full shape recovery • Complete unraveling and archform development • Stays active to the end - moves teeth the last 1/2mm G4™ is also available in: • Pre-stopped • Pre-torqued • Reverse Curve • Triple Force • Lingual • Tooth-Colored *Available only in Trueform™ I upper, Europa™ I or...

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Archwires Pre-Stopped G4™ NiTi Pre-Stopped NiTi Archwires: Pre-Stopped G4™ NiTi archwires are a real clinical time saver! • Eliminate NiTi archwire migration through the slots • Applicable with all bracket systems and techniques • Highly indicated for any self-ligating bracket system • Maintain anterior space consolidation • Annealed stops crimp evenly and securely • Pre-loaded stops save chairtime - just position and crimp • Stops slide and stick for desired positioning prior to crimping Available in 4 archforms Trueform I, Europa™ I & II, Bioform III SOLO-PACK™ cartons of 10, add:...

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Archwires G4™ or M5™ Nickel Titanium Reverse Curve Archwires Anterior Intrusion/Extrusion in 4 popular wire shapes! Reverse Curve wires provide excellent forces to achieve bite modifications quickly and efficiently. Rectangular: $2.90/ea. $29.00/pkg. of 10 (Bulk Packed) Intrusion (or extrusion) of anteriors is enhanced with sweeping reverse curve of spee bends. Round: $2.65/ea. $26.50/pkg. of 10 (Bulk Packed) M5 Heaters™ Thermal NiTi Reverse Curve 1 & 3 only Round: $3.30/ea. $33.00/pkg. of 10 (Bulk Packed) Rectangular: $3.75/ea. $37.50/pkg. of 10 (Bulk Packed) Europa™ II Reverse Curve...

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STAINLESS STEEL Archwires G&H® uses only 304v medical grade stainless steel wire in forming these archwires. G&H® uses state-of-the-art forming equipment which ensures product integrity, consistent performance characteristics, and precise archforms. Available in all archforms XR1™ HEAT-TREATED STAINLESS STEEL G&H® XR1™ stainless steel is uniquely heat-treated and stress relieved, which increases the resiliency of the wire to improve mechanics. Available in all archforms SOLO-PACK™ cartons of 10, add: .90¢/per wire MULTI-STRAND STAINLESS STEEL G&H® Multi-Strand wires apply a low force level...

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Archforms Europa™ I Upper LINGUAL FORMS 32mm anterior span Standard Form Upper Europa™ I Lower Standard Form Lower Europa™ I MBT** Ovoid Compatible Lower 27mm anterior span Standard Form Europa™ II Upper Damon*-Compatible 33.5mm anterior span Lower 30mm anterior span Europa™ II Damon*-Compatible Bioform III Upper Bioform III MBT** Tapered-Compatible Ideal†-Compatible Trueform™ I Lower Lower 31mm anterior span Universal Archform Universal Lingual Archform Stainless Steel and Beta Titanium Trueform™ I Our most popular archform Roth/MBT** Square Compatible Accuform†-Compatible Trueform™ II...

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