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Implant Instrument Flier - 1

Precision Crafted Dental C Surgical Instruments

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Implant Instrument Flier - 2

IMSTRUMtMTS NOT SH7A'N AT ACTUAL SIZE SbhlHi Steel Sufci Irii Cu ved Suture Seizors lone BbJcr? I'tap p<tvj Minnesota Betractoi Cflfo-Wood Orbkk PERJOTOME PERIOTOME Cons Socket UYerKh Pennon** Cene St-:l.~t Muvlle Molt Surgical Cut ette Milei kircjfcal CurettP Small Wo:t Bone Condenser tV>ubfe Curved Unie Sd«ort Bone M»*ing Bowl

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Implant Instrument Flier - 3

INSTRUMENTS nOT SHCfcVN AT ACTUAL SIZE Carbde Need* Holder J Vftcndi Stank** Perbt«fti« Cone SacLet HAndk A»prabf>:j ijriivje Mallet WHh Wrin F^woi 15 Instrument Surgical Caiiette Cleveland Rongeur Mind Scalpel HanJk SLOJIOS ConcaveCtfset Osteotome 3 SL04SOS Concave Offset Osteotome

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Implant Instrument Flier - 4

INSTRUMENT' IS)0T £HCAVN AT ACTUAL SIZE 6' SUinl«s Stetl ftukr Irii Curved Suture $ci"«i 6* LaGrangt touble Curved Tit Super-Cut Sduoti GeraU Ti$su& Forcep 15 Ire burnetii Surgical CASK He SLC2 Snui Lift Curette

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Implant Instrument Flier - 5

ISH5 Standard llour*l Scalpd Hardk I SHI 5 Pnid BME kalpd Hfendk 1.5mm Scalpel Scalpd 6' StHnteif Steel Ruler (100 Per Do*) (100 Per 9o*) 4 1/r IrisCurved Suture Scc^n Double Curved Ti»ue <<iis«* Straight Neede Hddf* 1S lnitrun>*nt Suro>:al Odette

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Implant Instrument Flier - 6

INSTRUMENTS NOT SHOWN AT ACTUAL SIZE IOST6C 6mm Osteotome Chisd w/Mirlingj-Curved hfoli PrBf-.ic.l Bev»tor Bone Grafting tarct Ajpratirtg Syring

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