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Welcome to Asiento! Asiento has been designed specifically for children, teenagers and adults with moderate to complex needs. Created to achieve improved postural support and symmetry, the Asiento delivers many benefits to the user and those around them, including: enhanced eye contact and communication improved interaction, breathing and eating greater participation in play and activities Ultimately, the Asiento has been designed to help the user achieve their full potential while increasing their self-esteem and wellbeing. To gain these benefits, it’s important that the Asiento is...

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What Makes Asiento Great? With high adjustability, Asiento delivers excellent clinical benefits whilst being functional too. It’s Strong Accessories are attached to the chair’s strong central column making the Asiento robust and sturdy. Easy to Use Tray The easy to attach tray sits independently above the armrests and can be positioned separately. The tray can be set at a higher level for users who need more postural support in the upper trunk or to optimise upper limb function. Multi-adjust headrest Shoulder protractors Swing away laterals Push-bar handles Removable multi-adjust armrests...

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Product Code Back rest height Seat height from floor (min-max) Lower leg length (seat to footplate) Armrest height (min-max from seat) Lateral supports travel adjustment Hip guide travel adjustment Abduction pad travel adjustment Adduction pad travel adjustment Armrest angle (forwards/backwards) Back angle (forwards/backwards) Footrest angle (forwards/backwards) Footplate Angle (plantarflexion/dorsiflexion) Abduction angle Adduction angle Tray size Seat width between thighs Seat depth (min-max) Seat width Chest width Tilt in space (forwards/backwards) Seat weight Chassis weight Smirthwaite...

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