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Buddy INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Codes Std. 21001

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Buddy - 3

1.0 INTRODUCTION Thank you for choosing your new Smirthwaite Buddy Stander. The Buddy has been designed to give excellent symmetry and enable children from a young age to gradually develop and maintain their ability to weight bear. It is suitable for children who require low to moderate levels of support and control. IMPORTANT! These instructions should be read by all therapists and carers using the equipment and should be retained for future reference. The product should always be used under adult supervision. Any incorrect use of the product and failure to follow the instructions may put...

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Buddy - 4

3.0 TECHNICAL DATA * Measured from footplate to Thoracic Support (top)

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Buddy - 5

4.0 FOR YOUR SAFETY STOP! Please read these instructions CAREFULLY and THOROUGHLY • • • • • • The user should NOT be left unattended whilst using the Buddy. Always ensure a responsible adult or carer is in attendance. Regular maintenance checks and cleaning are essential for the safe use of this equipment (see care and maintenance section). Use only on a flat surface and do not exceed the axilla heights or weight limits specified above. If any part is loose, damaged or functioning incorrectly, do not use until rectified. Check that all 4 castor brakes are locked and all parts are secure...

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Buddy - 6

5.0 SETTING UP YOUR STANDER STOP! The user should NOT be left unattended whilst using the product. Always ensure a responsible therapist or carer is in attendance. Ensure all 4 castors are brake locked. Remove/elevate the activity tray. Take the intended user’s measurements. Set the stander up approximately to these measurements and make final adjustments when the user is in place. Smirthwaite offer, at no extra charge, an appointment with a product specialist who will assist in the initial product set up. 6.0 ADJUSTING YOUR STANDER IMPORTANT! The user should NOT be left unattended whilst...

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Buddy - 7

6.2 KNEE BLOCK ADJUSTMENT • To adjust the knee blocks, release the two hand wheels [A] and [B] move the blocks into desired position, then tighten. 6.3 ACTIVITY TRAY HEIGHT & ANGLE ADJUSTMENT • To adjust the table height, first release the plunger pins on either side of the tray [A] Next using the 4MM Hexagonal key provided, undo the bolts on both sides of the tray [B] Once this is done the tray can be set to the desired position. When the new fixing hole have been selected, the tray can the fixed by firstly inserting the rear bolts [B] followed by inserting the plunger pins [A] into the...

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Buddy - 8

To adjust the sandals, locate the hand wheel on the underside of the foot board, undo and reposition. Once the desired position is achieved tighten the hand wheel. 7.0 CARE AND MAINTENANCE IMPORTANT! Cleaning is recommended on a regular basis. • • • • • Clean upholstery and wooden parts with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Make sure brakes are released before moving. Store the stander in a cool dry place and out of direct sunlight. Anti-bacterial wipes may be used to clean the Buddy Tray. For further information please refer to MHRA or NHS cleaning guidelines. Check the accessories for...

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Buddy - 9

7.2 SERVICE INTERVAL The Buddy should be serviced every 3 year. Servicing must only be undertaken by a Smirthwaite service engineer, or by a Smirthwaite trained representative. 7.3 NOMINAL SERVICE LIFE Your product has a nominal service life of 12 years, during which full post-sales support will be available with regard to spares and servicing. Product service life has been determined based upon the design complexity of product, and the anticipated exposure to normal use. Good practice dictates all Smirthwaite products have been designed and manufactured to high levels of safety and...

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Buddy - 10

7.4 EXTENDING NOMINAL SERVICE LIFE At Smirthwaite we are proud to produce products that have a reputation for quality and durability. We believe our products have the potential to provide benefits to our clients beyond the nominal service life documented above. We will continue to provide full support beyond the nominal service life provided the following conditions are met: 1. A full service schedule has been maintained. 2. A full service and inspection is undertaken at the end of the nominal service life period. 3. The product is subsequently serviced annually (or biannually if under...

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Buddy - 11

IMPORTANT REMINDER! DO NOT fit parts or accessories of other manufacturers to this product unless authorized to do so in writing by Smirthwaite Ltd. Any servicing or repairs required must be carried out by Smirthwaite Ltd (or a Smirthwaite trained engineer). If you believe this product to be faulty – DO NOT USE – Contact Smirthwaite Ltd on T: +44 (0) 1626 835552 If in any doubt, ALWAYS seek ADVICE. 8.0 WARRANTY & SERVICE Smirthwaite Ltd warrants the products detailed on your order to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years from date of delivery. If a fault...

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Buddy - 12

10.0 SERVICE INSPECTION 10.1 Product Information Model Size Date of Manufacture Serial Number Final Inspection 10.2 Service & inspection record form: Date Service Personnel Smirthwaite Ltd, 16 Wentworth Road, Heathfield, Newton Abbot, Devon.TQ12 6TL T: +44 (0) 1626 835552 F: +44 (0) 1626 835428 E: info@smirthwaite.co.uk

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