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Adsorption dryers FOR BREATHING AIR

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ADEC Heatless adsorption dryers for breathing medical air compressor systems (MACS series CE 0653) The ADEC dryers, are used to remove moisture from compressed air for medical use as well as for industrial use. After air pre-treatment the dryer removes water vapor down to very low residual concentration of water. The ADEC dryers operate completely automatically and are designed for continuous duty. Connection IN/OUT Dryers MODEL Optional Purification Tower* Weight Kgr Nominal flowrate Nm³/h @ 35°C Bed Volume @7bar @10bar Lt ADEC 3 ADEC 5 ADEC 8 ADEC 12 ADEC 18 ADEC 25 ADEC 30 ADEC 40 ADEC...

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The high quality of the output breathing air is ensured through the following five (5) stages of purification/filtration. ADEC dryer with purification tower (Τype-P) C A Left desiccant bed B Right desiccant bed C Breathing air purification tower A ADSORPTION DRYER ECO CONTROL Desiccant materials s Up to 5 stage on/filtration ti of air purifica OUTLET FILTER INLET FILTER Water resistant desiccant material Desiccant material for -40°C to -70°C Oil removal CO to CO2 catalyst CO2 removal Produced breathing medical air quality specifications according to ISO 8573.1 class 1.2.1 and European...

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G. SAMARAS S.A. is an international multi-regional company located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The company is active in the medical gas field since 1968. Having a track record of continuous growth and a gained leadership in the Greek market, in which it holds more than 85% of the share. The company has a strong reputation due to its professionalism, reliability-solvency and responsibility. In addition, the high quality of the products and the services that is offered, the know-how of medical gas supply systems, the durability of its products and its flexibility, has lead the company to a...

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