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G. SAMARAS S.A. is a manufacturing company located in Thes- saloniki, Greece. It is active in the medical gas field since 1968. Having a track record of continuous growth and a gained lead- cant presence in various countries and building an extended • Copper Pipes and Parts (medical grade) • Racors / Shut-off valves / Nickel brass valves / Non-return valves for medical use / Electromagnetic motorized valves / Safety valves • Special Tools for Pipe Network Instalations • Antistatic Tubes - Plastic flexible tubes - Fittings and nipples projects reference list. The company has a strong reputation due Medical Gas Central Stations Production of the 1st medical gas system Launch of export activity (Hungary, Saudi Arabia) 1st big local project 400 beds (Elefsina Hospital) 1st participation in local exhibition (HYGEIA) 1st participation in international exhibition (BULMEDICA) Production of the 1st telescopical ceiling pendant arm Production of the 1st IP alarm panel 2000 completed international projects Ιnstallation of complete medical O2 generator (Kalamata Hospital) 2500 completed projects in 60 countries ership in the Greek market, in which it holds more than 85% of the share, has applied an extroversial policy leading to a signifi- to its professionalism, reliability, solvency customer care policy. Moreover, the extended portfolio of high quality products and services provided, the know-how of medical gas supply systems, the durability of products the flexibility of the company offering ΕΞΑΓΩΓΕΣ ΣΕ ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΕΣ Α ΠΟ 57 ΧΩΡΕΣ ΟΛΟΚΛΗΡΩMΕΝΑ ΣΥΣΤΗΜΑΤΑ ΙΑΤΡΙΚΩΝ ΑΕΡΙΩΝ ΕΝΑΣ ΟΛΟΚΛΗΡΟΣ ΚΟΣΜΟΣ ΤΕΧΝΙΚΗΣ ΥΠΕΡΟΧΗΣ Production of the 1st bed head unit Production of the 1st ceiling pendant arm West Attica Hospital • Supply systems with cylinders • Liquid Oxygen vessels (LOX) • Pathology laboratory gas systems (PLGS series) • Medical vacuum systems (MVCS series) • Medical air compressor systems (MACS series) • Oxygen - Nitrogen generators • Medical gases central stations container cabinets • Αnesthetic gas scavenging systems (AGSS) 1000 completed international projects G. SAMARAS S.A.Occupies production facilities, staff offices and warehouse of an area of 4.000m2 in the Thermi Industrial Area, Thessaloniki (Northern Greece). G. SAMARAS S.A. is a quality oriented company. In alignment with this aspect the company holds the ISO 9001, 13485 and 14001 certifications. All products are produced and tested according to European Standards and regulations and they are labeled with CE mark. In addition, complying with the requirements while some products are labeled in categories IIa and IIb where it is obligatory or necessary. Production of 5000 bed head units/year Production of the 1st medical O2 generator Production of the 1st adsorption dryer MOLDAVIA HUNGARY ROMANIA BIH SERBIA ΜΝE BG SΚ ΑL GR T URKEY M Control and Reducer Panels INDIA MYANMAR • Reducers • Second Stage Pressure Regulator Units (Y/S GS N S/D) • Area valve service unit (kIb GS N) OMAN SUD AN SENEGAL PHILIPPINES VIETNAM N IG ERIA IVORY COAST GHANA MALAYSIA Alarm Systems for Medical Gas Panels (IP based) • Sensors • MGSAP monitoring and alarm systems • Local Alarm Panel - Single Station Alarm Panel / MGSAP L5 / MGSAP L6 • Central Alarm Panel for Medical Gases MGSAP C1 • Remote Management System (Medimote) MGSAP G1 • Designing - Calculations • Installations of Medical Gas Systems • Testing, Commissioning & Certification of Medical Gas Systems • Maintenance of Medical Gas Systems – After Sales Support • Training • GSM/GPRS Remote Monitoring Management 1st big (1000 beds) international project (Tokuda Hospital) • Medical gas outlets • PG profiles • Quick action fitting-probes-connectors Medical Gas Terminal Units / Outlets tailor made solutions, has lead the company to a strong market G. Samaras S.A. I.X. ΕΠΑΓΓΕΛΜΑΤΙΚΟ ΜΙΚΤΟ: 1250 ΑΠΟΒΑΡΟ: 1250 ΩΦΕΛΙΜΟ: 1250 Ε∆ΡΑ: ΘΕΡΜΗ SEYCHELLES T AN ZANIA BRASIL BASE COUNTRY OTHERS MAURITIUS A whole world of technical excellence Bed Head Units • Single bed head units • Combinations of bed head units • Vertical bed head units • Kids bed head units • Ceiling suspended bed head units • Round-bridge bed head units • Aluminum structural framing-BR profile • Components of bed head units More than 2500 projects all over the world: GREECE• ALBANIA• ANGOLA• BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA• BRASIL• BULGARIA• CYPRUS• EGYPT• FYROM• FINLAND• GEORGIA• GHANA• HUNGARY• INDIA• INDONESIA• IRAN• ITALY• IVORY COAST• JORDAN • LEBANON• LIBYA• LITHUANIA• MALAYSIA• MALTA• MAURITIUS• MOLDOVA• MONTENEGRO• MOROCCO• MYANMAR• NETHERLANDS• NIGERIA• OMAN• PAKISTAN• PALESTINE• PHILIPPINES• POLAND• PORTUGAL • QATAR • ROMANIA • RUSSIA • SAUDI ARABIA • SENEGAL • SERBIA • SEYCHELLES • SINGAPORE • SPAIN • SUDAN • SYRIA • TAIWAN • TANZANIA • TURKEY • U.A.E. • U.K. • UKRAINE • VIETNAM Ceiling Pendant Arms OPT Equipment • OPT control panel • Electrical power distribution systems • Hospital timekeeping systems • Scrub up (1/2 positions) • Prefabricated modular systems Lighting Systems • OPT lights • Examination lights Hospital Beds Nurse Call Systems Pneumatic Tube Systems Secondary Medical Equipment Emergency lighting & detection systems COMPLETE MEDICAL GAS SUPPLY SYSTEMS

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