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AESTHETIC MEDICINE PAIN THERAPY ANGIOLOGICAL PROBLEMS SPORTS MEDICINE OXYGEN OZONE THERAPY BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS Oxygen ozone therapy is a medical practice carried out with a natural gas, ozone, free of side effects. It is used in the medical field for the treatment of numerous diseases. The concentrations of the oxygen-ozone mixture used are not dangerous to the human organism. Scientifically verified and approved routes of administration do not result in any adverse reaction; only inhaled administration can be toxic and irritating to the respiratory system. The biological effects of oxygen ozone therapy treatment are: • Increases red blood cells (RBCs) production • Bactericidal • Virostatic (it blocks the proliferation of viruses) • Enhances the immune system • Anti-inflammatory • Fungicide • Analgesic ADMINISTRATION ROUTES ACTION MECHANISMS The routes of administration are: - Subcutaneous - Intramuscular - Intra–articular - Topical - Insufflation (vaginal and anal) - Hydroponic - Ozonized major autohemo infusion* 1. Increases the deformability of red blood cells 2. Reduces blood viscosity 3. Improves oxygen transportation 4. Activates and modulates the immune system * Ato3M is NOT designed for minor and major autohemo infusion. We assume no liability resulting from improper use. Ato3M is a medical device under certification for CE marking, according to Directive 93/42/EEC, and classified in IIA risk class. Ato3M uses medical oxygen cylinders and, by means of electrical discharge chambers, produces a mixture of oxygen-ozone in a concentration ranging from about 1 µg/ml to more than 40 µg/ml, to be used exclusively for the treatment of human diseases, according to the methods described in therapeutic protocols, carefully following the instructions in the User Manual. An O2 oxygen cylinder, pressure reducer and cylinder trolley are provided separately

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GENERAL TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS MEDICAL APPLICATIONS Angiology and Phlebology Vascular disease (Arteral circulatory disorders and venous insufficiency) Diabetic and post-phlebitic ulcer O2-O3 MIXTURE PRODUCTION Gas supply medical oxygen in cylinders O2 inlet maximum pressure O2-O3 outlet available pressure to the syringe Continuous O2-O3 outlet available pressure O2-O3 mixture available flow Herpes Zoster and Simplex Maximum allowable pressure from tubes and junctions Peritonitis Proctitis Eczema Mycosis Aesthetic Medicine ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Power supply Crohn Morbus Allergies Network...

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