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CARBOXYTHERAPY AS A SAFE AND VERY EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR CELLULITE M.D. Alessandra Scilletta 14° International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine AGORA’ Milano, 18/19/20 October 2012 AUTHOR Alessandra Scilletta , MD, Plastic Surgeon M.D. Scilletta Alessandra has a degree in medicine and surgery at the University of Catania and a postgraduate diploma in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Catania. M.D. Scilletta is the author of various scientific publications and held various formative courses about Carboxytherapy abroad. She worked in Spain for 13 months by the Plastic Surgery dept. of the Reina Sofia Hospital in Cordoba. Currently, M.D. Scilletta is the medical director of a surgical private practice. INTRODUCTION The histomorphological alterations associated to the E.F.P.S., considered an aesthetic problem to date, are now considered a “pathology”. It has been shown that the microcircle alteration evidenced as “Stasis Microangiopathy and Regressive trophism” plays a key role in the cellulitic syndrome, from a pathogenic standpoint. Women have tried numerous therapies to eliminate their cellulite to no avail because none of these therapies correct the underlying physiological problems of poor circulation and damaged collagen septae. University studies shown the lipolytic action of Carboxytherapy, due to the effect on microcirculation (vasodilatation, increased speed of the microcirculation, neoangiogenesis) and the direct effect (lysis of the adipocytes by breaking the cell membrane). CONCLUSIONS The vasodilatory effect in the small blood vessels surrounding the fat cells increases the amount of oxygen and blood flow to the area which eliminates the build up of fluids and toxins between the cells causing lymphatic drainage. Collagen remodeling was also shown to occur, as well as thickening and smoothing of the overlying skin. The use of Carboxytherapy provides excellent results for patients with long time cellulite and great results also in young patients as a p

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15th International Congress of Aesthetic Dermatology and Anti-Aging Medicine - Warsaw (Poland) March 8th - 10th 2013

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