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A PROMISING NON-SURGICAL APPROACH TO VULVO-VAGINAL REJUVENATION: NEW GENERATION CARBOXYTHERAPY M.D. Alessandra Scilletta 14° International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine AGORA’ Milano, 18/19/20 October 2012 AUTHOR Alessandra Scilletta , MD, Plastic Surgeon M.D. Scilletta Alessandra has a degree in medicine and surgery at the University of Catania and a postgraduate diploma in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Catania. M.D. Scilletta is the author of various scientific publications and held various formative courses about Carboxytherapy abroad. She worked in Spain for 13 months by the Plastic Surgery dept. of the Reina Sofia Hospital in Cordoba. Currently, M.D. Scilletta is the medical director of a surgical private practice. warm and tingling feeling in the treated area. Due to the CO2 gas effect, immediately after the treatment the area will appear swollen, but it will get back to normal within the following 30 minutes. The following conditions may be improved with Carboxy treatments; - Cosmetic appearance of the treated area, as tissues regain plumpness - Vaginal tone and functionality: better lubrification due to increased circulation to the area. - Daily dryness and irritation, these conditions can be reduced thanks to the improved circulation. - Sensitivity to the area, with possible heightened orgasm . This is a lunchtime procedure and the patients can return to their normal activities immediately after the treatment. The effects of each treatment are cumulative. Menopause often involves atrophy or degradation of the tissues around the perineum, a reduced response to stimulus, as well as a loss of functionality and tissue turgor, and decreased sensitivity to the area. Depending on the gravity of the problem, six to ten weekly treatments are usually recommended. A once a month maintenance treatment is then recommended to maintain results. In all these cases it is possible to use Carboxytherapy for a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation. Carboxytherapy treatment consists of 5 to 6 micro injections of carbon dioxide to be effected in the area to stimulate the growth of new capillaries in the tissues. This will result in a replenishment of blood supply, circulation improvement and, thereby, restoration of the tissue functions and increase of the amount of tissue in the treatment area. Treatments are well tolerated and take around 5-10 minutes. Slight discomfort can be experienced during the injection phase, most patients describe this sensatio

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AMAC 2014 - 1st Anti-Aging Medicine Asian Congress - Singapore September 25th - 27th 2014

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