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OXYGEN INFUSION TAILORED FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS IS HERE AT LAST The G. Trading Company Oxy Xtra Med device administers pressurised (hyperbaric) oxygen for skin treatment and provides oxygen through inhalation. Considering the scientific literature existing at the moment of release of this manual, what follows are the presumed clinical/therapeutic indications for oxygen used as a coadjuvant in the therapy of: Ulcers Sores Skin density reduction and loss of hydration Skin aging Skin laxity / slackness Torpid wounds/lesions Fissures This device can be used by medical/para-medical staff with adequate knowledge of human anatomy and prior therapeutic and operating instructions from the doctor. This device may only be installed in suitably equipped environments (e.g.: hospitals, clinics, doctor's surgeries, etc.). The Oxy Xtra Med device is not suitable for life support and does not provide any patient monitoring function. Continuity of service is not required. REFERENCE STANDARDS G. Trading Company declares that the Oxy Xtra Med conforms with the following directives: • Directive 93/42/EEC, published in the OEUG L169 of 12/07/1993 • Directive 2007/47/Ec, published in the OEUG L247/21 of21/09/2007

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OXYGEN INFUSION using pressurised oxygen jet (hyperbaric) Oxygen Infusion is a way of introducing oxygen molecules into the subject (upper skin layer, approximately 35 pm up to 80 pm in thickness) who is been treated for clinical/therapeutic purposes without damaging skin. Techniques for using the handpiece: Jet technique Continuous circular technique Linear pressure technique AIRBRUSH FOR OXYGEN SPRAY and for distilled water and oxygen mixture spray The mixture of 93% oxygen-enriched air delivered using the Oxy Xtra Med device can also be used by medical professionals for the following...

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