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OXYGEN INFUSION AND CARBOXITHERAPY: COMPARISON AND SYNERGY Prof. Annibale Botticelli: ex Head of Pathological Anatomy at Pavia Prof. Michele Lalla: Professor in statistical sciences at Modena Univeristy Dr. Domenico Amuso: Surgeon, Cosmetic Medicine Expert [d.amuso@fastwebnet.it] Dr. Antonella Battista: Surgeon The aim of this study is to compare two therapies used in the treatment of localized fat, cellulite, skin ageing, wrinkles and stretch marks and evaluate the clinical action of the two when used synergically. The end purpose is to enable the scientific community and the MDs who use these methods to make some progress in their knowledge of these matters and to increase their knowledge of the potential these gasses have in medicine. This study can be demonstrated in any moment and is repeatable in its every action. The adopted method does not claim it adds or subtracts anything regarding the correctness of the matters treated: it is simply the method that has been adopted to have a rational consensus. The therapies discussed are Oxygen Infusion and Carboxytherapy. The method adopted is the demonstrative one using sources and studies. So as to be able to develop this research 60 patients were selected all Caucasian females between 21 and 59 years of age (average age: 40 yrs old) all of which gave signed consent to participate in this kind of evaluation.The areas that underwent treatment are: saddle bags and abdomen. All patients were evaluated clinically and particular attention was paid to the measurements -in cm- of the abdomen and thighs and to the measurement of skin elasticity and hydration. Patients’ levels were taken at the beginning of the treatment –first session-, half way through the treatment –sixth session- and at the end of the treatment –twelfth session. Adipose cells break down and consequent liquefying of the lipid content In the combined treatment, first Carboxytherapy (Venusian CO2 Therapy, Maya Beauty Engineering s.r.l.) is performed and then Oxygen Infusion (Oxy Xtra Med, Maya Beauty Engineering s.r.l.); for both, times and doses adopted should be those considered best, based the choice on each individual situation. The two gasses have the important capacity of acting on microcirculation, on adipose tissues and on skin tissues: epidermis and derma. Observing the obtained data it is clear that Oxygen Infusion determines a 41.8% increase in the elasticity of the skin and a 15.6 % increase of the hydration; there is also more evident reduction in localized fat deposits. In the combined Carboxy- Oxygen Infusion action we observed a 53.6% increase in elasticity and a 27.9% increase in hydration and a clear reduction in cm on stomach and thighs of localized fat deposits.

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XXXII National Congress of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine SIME

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