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OXYGEN INFUSION: GOLD STANDARD FOR ANTIAGE TREATMENTS Dr. Domenico Amuso: Surgeon, Cosmetic Medicine Expert [d.amuso@fastwebnet.it] Dr.Antonella Battista: Surgeon Dr. Alfonso Carbone: BA in Science of Nursing To fully understand how to treat the skin for the problems it may suffer from, it is necessary to know the anatomy and physiology and the Modus Vivendi of the patient. Having made this introduction, there are many actions that may be carried out, but not all of them have the same outcome. Maya Beauty Engineering, has developed, through many years of research and study, a method called Oxygen Infusion, to be performed with the Oxy Xtra Med unit (Maya Beauty Engineering s.r.l.). Oxygen Infusion consists in the emission of O2 through a mechanical instrument, which is able to create Oxygen from the external atmosphere, and then to pressurize it thanks to special filters, reaching the concentration (pureness) of 94-98%. Oxygen produced in this way and in these concentrations is then ejected onto the skin at a pressure of 2,5 – 2.8 bar. The Clinical Study performed on 30 patients –both male and female- has proven that the method allows the passage of the gas trans-dermally. This occurs to a small extent through the skin appendages (sebaceous and eccrine glands) and by moving intracellularly and/or transcellularly. The greater the pressure of the gas when it is expelled, the deeper the penetration. The effects demonstrated that take place may be summarised by saying that we have a true angiogenesis and a good production both in terms of quantity and of quality of collagen fibres, elastin fibres and hyaluronic acid. This is where we have the main difference between aerograph systems (where no biochemical action takes place, it acts only at a superficial level) and Oxygen Infusion. Oxygen Infusion treatment per specific area must never last less than 8 minutes. In the cosmetic medicine field, Oxygen Infusion treatment is used to treat wrinkles, stretch marks, lax skin, localized adiposity, P.E.F.S., dyschromia. The most important effect brought about by Oxygen Infusion is the stimulation of angiogenesis arterioles and meta-arterioles are created and 4 important steps occur which lead to the formation of new vessels. Hematoxylin-Eosin Method: Immunohistochemistry: you can see some vessels you can see endothelial containing erythrocytes cells (brown) proving what is seen with the Hematoxylin-Eosin Method. Given it’s qualities, Oxygen Infusion Standard for antiage treatmen

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14th International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine SIES – Bologna, February 25th – 27nd 201

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