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Oxyneedling® is an innovative technique that Oxygen Infusion and needling. Oxyneedling® it stimulates a good synthesis of elastin and collagen and improves the quality of hyaluronic acid. Oxyneedling® (or oxygenated needling) allows to stimulate the production of growth factors capable of stimulating various cellular mechanisms related to tissue growth including angiogenesis and, at the same time, favoring the recovery of the correct skin functionality. Which skin conditions and pathologies can be treated with Oxygen Infusion ? - Anti Aging of face, neck and décolleté - Skin dehydration - Skin laxity - P.E. F. S. (cellulite) and Localised Adiposity - Body Contouring – as complimentary treatment to liposuction – - Stretch-marks - Psoriasis - Alopecia and hair loss - Mons Pubis and Labia Majora rejuvenation - Headache (cephalalgia) - Cervical pain - Wounds and lesions with torpid clinical course - Rhagades - Herpes skin lesions - Muscle pain - Muscular lesions - Hematomas Is it a safe treatment ? The treatment is perfectly safe for the patient. Suitable for all skin types, it has no contraindications. It is a painful treatment ? The treatment is totally painless. Oxygen Infusion The amazing strength of gentleness. © Copyright G.Trading Company - Any reproduction, even in part, is strictly prohibited. - Non binding photos.

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Oxygen Infusion Oxygen Infusion is an unique technique developed by MBE Medical Division. . the deeper layers of the skin. In this way, as demonstrated through national and international clinical trials, Oxygen Infusion is able to stimulate a true angiogenesis (production of new arterioles and meta-arterioles) which results in a good production in terms of and hyaluronic acid. Furthermore, Oxygen Infusion penetration of the applied active ingredients, alternative to the use of needles or other invasive treatments. Signs left by time are visibly lessened. Imperfections such as pigmentation...

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