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The perfect Synergy for face & body

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Italian Expertise G. Trading, which has always been operating in the world of aesthetics medicine and beauty, provides concrete solutions for any need and any imperfection by acting with excellent results on any kind of problem. The new product for an effective reshaping action is called So Up 4.0. A latest-generation multifunctional device that employs a mix of effective slimming and toning technologies for face and body. Thanks to the special handpieces, the energies can be used either together or individually. So Up 4.0 provides to the body a slimming, elasticising, toning, shaping and...

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A perfect choice among the most effective energies 1. Radiofrequency Regenerating Action Radiofrequency employs the principles of diathermy, which allows a vasodilation and increased oxygenation to the tissues. It accelerates the cellular metabolism and stimulates the production of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic acid, making the skin more elastic and compact. The RF benefits are enhanced both to the face and the body through specific hand probes. With the ability to reach the deeper layers of the tissues, the 1 Mhz Ultrasound weaken the adipose structure, stimulate the reactivation of...

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Fractional facial RF Deep Action Electromagnetic waves cause the oscillation of the water molecules,transforming electromagnetic energy into thermal energy (heat). This generates heat in the treated area and the formation of new collagen which support fibers and “fill” the skin from the inside. The intense heat generates a controlled volumetric heating, acts on the tissues containing water molecules, facilitating the stimulation of collagen fibers, with ensuing skin firmness. It enables an immediate “stretching” of the skin and a gradual stimulation of the collagen fibers. Fractional RF for...

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So Up 4.0 employs revolutionary ergonomic handpieces that are unique and innovative. They can generate targeted synergies to solve the imperfections of wrinkles, cellulite, fat and sagging skin. The energies employed are the result of years of studies on the transmission of active ingredients and have all a stimulating action. Moreover, the targeted diodic Laser is an excellent adjuvant in countering fat deposits and cellulite thanks to its photo-stimulating properties. Radio Frequency Regenerating action Endodermic Massage Draining Action Chrome Frequency Warming /Rebalancing Action Low...

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Enhance the benefits with the specific skin care A specific active skin care line has been created to be used in synergy with the various energies applied by So Up 4.0 to enhance the benefits and acelerate the results. Cleansing soft mousse 150 ml Dermocompatible Face&BodyCleanser RF body emulsion 500 ml RFbody emulsion Innovative gel with phosphatidylcholine Rf & Endomassage oil gel 500 ml Massage Oil with Vitamin E Anti-Age Emulsion before Fractional RF RF & stim face emulsion 250 ml Face Emulsion for RF and Stimol Resolution body cell 250 ml Cellulite Liquid Crystals serum For body...

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G. TRADING COMPANY Head Office: Via Castiglione 99, 40136 BOLOGNA Warehouse: Via Bruno Tosarelli 356, 40055 Villanova di Castenaso (BO)

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