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OV E RVIE W G3D offers Digital Dentistry at the highest of standards. All G3D machines operate at industry leading speed, accuracy and resolution. The G3D solution has proven its ability to out-perform the competition and complete even the most intrinsic and detailed of dental production with ease. The Digital Dental process begins with an interoral scan, a much improved experience for the patient for the outset and a much faster and more efficient digital impression. From this digital impression, the opportunities are endless and extremely fast. Surgical guides, models, castable parts,...

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REQUEST FREE SAMPLE RESIN AT G3D.GLOBAL • Desktop Form Factor • WiFi Connectivity & Untethered Printing • Ultra Long Life UV LED Lamp • Temperature controlled resin VAT with unique Tilt and Rotate • Compatible with most third party resin manufacturers • Extremely low maintenance The G3D-RP100 Desktop model is ideal for small-medium production in labs or clinics. Compatible with any open system oral scanner, CAD/CAM solution and with a build plate capable of producing up to 6 impression models in a few hours. The ultra-fine 17um resolution allows for the most accurate production...

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RP250 175cm Build Area WiFi Connectivity & Untethered Printing Ultra-Fine XY Resolution 20um 20um Z Resolution Ultra Long Life UV LED Lamp Temperature controlled resin VAT with unique Tilt and Rotate Compatible with most third party resin manufacturers Low frequency maintenance schedule The technical specification of the RP250 boggles the minds of many in the Rpaid Prototyping Industry, such a fine resolution or 20um with a large build area has, for many years, never been possible. Thanks to G3D patented technology, harnessing the power of multiple LED sources to provide an unrivalled...

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SYNERGY INVESTMENT POWDER G3D is proud to offer a complete solution comprising of both G3D in-house developed materials together with the world’s best biocompatible materials from industry leading providers such as NextDent and Detax. A Premium Investment Powder for Resin/CAD casting, which has been tested and approved worldwide. G3D in-house materials are focused mainly on castable materials, since our background has involved over 60 years of investment casting. Synergy was developed by G3D’s scientific team in the United Kingdom. Tried and tested by jewellery manufacturers worldwide, it...

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G3D also distribute DeltaFace Software, used for optimising your model prior to running the print. DeltaFace software is fast and easy to use and offers a range of benefits: G3D was conceived by GRS (Goodwin Refractory Services Ltd) in 2015 as the chosen brand name to further develop the already growing line of additive manufacturing machinery business offered by GRS to its customers in the Jewellery, Dental, Aerospace and Automotive Investment Casting Industries. Goodwin Refractory Services Ltd (GRS) and its sister companies are the global market leader in the manufacture and supply of...

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G3D India Gold Star Powders India 112 Chinna Amman Kovil Street Kalavakkam Village, Thiruporur Panchyat Kanchipuram District, Pin 603110, India India@G3D.global G3D HQ Goodwin Refractory Services Spencroft Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 9JE, England info@g3d.global EXTENSIVE DEALER NETWORK CONTACT G3D HQ TO FIND YOUR NEAREST DEALER - G3D North China SRS QD Northern Industrial Park, XiFu Town, ChengYang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, PR. China NorthChina@G3D.global G3D South America Gold Star Brazil Rua das Margaridas 70 Terra Preta - Mairipora - SP CEP 07600-972 Sao Paulo,...

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G3D (a division of Goodwin Refractory Services Ltd) Spencroft Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme, England ST5 9JE T: +44 (0)1782 663600 F: +44 (0)1782 663611 E: info@g3d.global

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