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G3D (a division of Goodwin Refractory Services Ltd) Spencroft Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme, England ST5 9JE T: +44 (0)1782 663600 F: +44 (0)1782 663611 E: info@g3d.global

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Wax Injector - 2

‘The touchscreen allows complete setting of the injection sequence, plus a test run of the mould injection which, once determined, can be saved to the units internal 8,000 profile memory and recorded onto an IC card using the attached reader. The internal memory can also keep a log of the number of sequences run (pieces injected)of any particular mould, for production logging and as an aid to intellectual security. The wax reservoir has two chambers one having a vacuum and the other keeping the wax under pressure at a regulated temperature. Prior to injection, the mould has the air removed,...

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