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Neonatal Care Solution Caring for the most fragile lungs

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Babi.Plus Concept Over the past decade, many countries across the globe are facing two major challenges; a steady decline in birth rates and an increase in premature babies. Premature babies often have breathing difficulties because their lungs are not fully developed and helping these little ones breathe is the vital step to help them survive. With years of experience in respiratory care and constant collaborations with clinicians and patients, we now offer a comprehensive range of products exclusively developed for neonates. Trust Babi.Plus, to breathe lives into your babies. Behind...

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Neonatal Care Solution - 3

Makes Every Breath Easier

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Neonatal Care Solution - 4

nCPAP Bubble CPAP System nCPAP Silicone Prong Nasal Kit ● ● Super soft silicone material to minimize skin irritation. Flattened and matted surface to minimize contact time with infant’s nose to avoid nasal collapse due to the death of stem cells. 8 sizes of nasal prongs available for newborn weighing from 500g to 5000g. Detachable tube clip for easy adjustment of tube position. Integrated pressure monitoring line to enable convenient monitoring of nasal prong pressure. Compatible with different circuit types and devices (e.g. GiO Digital Pressure Gauge). DEHP-free. BN11 BN12 BN13 BN14 nCPAP...

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Neonatal Care Solution - 5

nCPAP Bubble CPAP System PLS Valve A safeguarding valve to release pressure that exceeds the preset level. BC22 Fixed Pressure Limiting System, 10cmH2O BC21 Adjustable Pressure Limiting System, 2-10cmH2O nCPAP Nasal Kit (#0 & 1) with single nCPAP Nasal Kit (#2 & 3) with single nCPAP Nasal Kit (#4 & 5) with single nCPAP Nasal Kit (#6 & 7) with single nCPAP Dual Heated Wire Circuit nCPAP Single Heated Wire Circuit nCPAP Collapsible Breathing Circuit Neonatal Humidification Chamber Equipped with a highly sensitive auto-feeding mechanism to maintain the water level. Special alloy heater plate...

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Neonatal Care Solution - 6

Manual Resuscitator nVCM Volume Control Manual Resuscitator ● 7 resuscitation volumes (15ml, 25ml, 35ml, 45ml, 55ml, 65ml, 75ml) and 2 pressure relief levels (25/40cmH2O) to reduce and avoid possible hyperventilation and alveoli injury. Mini non-rebreathing valve produces lower dead space and allows easier monitoring. Extendable tube for increased flexibility. Ergonomic push-to-compress design for easy access. Expandable oxygen reservoir provides enhanced oxygen concentration. DEHP-free and Latex-free material to minimize the risk of skin irritation. BR10 nVCM Resuscitator BR12 nVCM...

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Neonatal Care Solution - 7

Manual Resuscitator Venti.Plus Hyperinflation System ● ● Adjustable exhalation port to control pressure. Soft breathing bag to increase ventilation volume and lung expansion, achieving higher gas exchange efficiency. Built-in pressure manometer for airway pressure monitoring and patient observation. Built-in suction port for easy airway clearance without interrupting ventilation. Extended oxygen tubing to the patient to lower dead space and minimize CO2 retention. H025 H050 H025-M H050-M Hyperinflation Hyperinflation Hyperinflation Hyperinflation System, System, System, System,

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Neonatal Care Solution - 8

Aerosol Therapy Neb.Plus Low Flow Nebulizer ● Low flow rate at 1LPM decreases interruption to the newborn breathing pattern and the tidal volume setting of ventilation. Supplemental gas line for connection to helium or other air sources for different treatment options. Babi.Plus Bear Pacifier Adapter Elastic circular ring accommodates most pacifier with round or square extended part for neonatal aerosol therapy delivery. BP20 Babi.Plus Bear Pacifier Adaptor Babi.Plus Pacifier Adapter P100 LF2 Low Flow Nebulizer Pacifier Adaptor Kit P103 LF1 Nebulizer Pacifier Adaptor Kit P101 Neb.Easy...

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Neonatal Care Solution - 9

Aerosol Therapy Dofin MDI Spacer ● Beneficial to young children and elderly patients who have difficulty in coordinating MDI puffs with inspirations. Increases up to 25% aerosol inhalation rate to minimize medication wastage. Universal MDI adaptor for more flexible use in all angles. Optimization of aero-dynamics of the medications. Easy to clean and carry. Materials conform to ISO 10993 bio-compatibility requirements. 5256 Durable Spacer Mask #2 5257 Durable Spacer Mask #3 5258 Durable Spacer Mask #4 4205 Dofin Spacer Set (includes 1 set of Dofin spacer with mouth piece)

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Neonatal Care Solution - 10

Oxygen Therapy Oxi.Hood Oxygen Hood ● High transparent hood and soft-foam neck pad for easy observation and improved comfort. 3 sizes for premature and newborn babies to provide a better fit, enhance oxygen supply efficiency and decrease carbon dioxide accumulation. Dual oxygen port for gas analyzer and - 22/15mm multi-function connector for aerosol therapy - Lite Adjustable Venturi adaptor for precise oxygen concentration - 15/6mm connector for oxygen tubing Weighted bar and channel design increase the hood weight to secure the hood in position. Materials conform to ISO 10993...

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Neonatal Care Solution - 11

Humidification Therapy Humi.AIDE 7 Respiratory Humidifier ● Monitors humidity and temperature simultaneously. Audio and visual alarm for the entire system. Multiple operating modes: IPPV, NIPPV and Manual. Can be mounted on ISO standard rail mount or pole clamp. Optional auto-feeding chamber, nCPAP circuit, single and dual ventilator circuits. Materials conform to ISO 10993 bio-compatibility requirements. HD71 Humi.AIDE 7 Respiratory Humidifier, 115V HD72 Humi.AIDE 7 Respiratory Humidifier, 230V Double overheat protection system to ensure patient safety. High efficiency heat conduction...

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Neonatal Care Solution - 12

Disposable Breathing Circuit Neonatal Dual Heated Wire Circuit with Chamber H732 Neonatal Single Heated Wire Circuit with Chamber H742 Neonatal Dual Heated Wire Circuit with Chamber H731 Neonatal Single Heated Wire Circuit H741 Neonatal Dual Heated Wire Circuit Neonatal Single Heated Wire Circuit with Chamber Humidifier Chamber, Neonate ● Neonatal auto-feeding chamber for humidification. Materials conform to ISO 10993 biocompatibility requirements. Disposable Elbow Connector 72224 Elbow Connector, 4.3M, 4M 3431 Auto-feeding Humidifier Chamber, Neonate Disposable Water Trap Disposable...

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