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Chest Drainage - 1

Chest Drainage Systems for Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery Including portable suction with Digital Air Leak Monitoring

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Chest Drainage - 2

Simple Plus Unique, post-operative chest drainage for cardio-thoracic surgery. Featuring an integrated underwater seal for clear, visual patient air leak monitoring. Simple Plus (10126) • Lightweight, stable design. Large capacity, 3 litre collection chamber - with easy to read scale. Visual patient air leak monitoring. i Intrapleural pressure monitoring m - for observation of patient’s ‘swing’. I Gravity mode or wall-regulated I Self-sealing sample port. M Negative pressure release valve. I WALL REGULATED SUCTION A cost effective alternative to traditional chest bottles ” Blue-dyed water...

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Chest Drainage - 3

AUTO REGULATED SUCTION Featuring a unique auto-regulation system that maintains chosen suction level at all times. Compact (10105) • Patented water manometer - allows suction tuning from -5 to -25 cm H2O. Underwater seal chamber - for patient air leak monitoring. Precise intrapleural pressure monitoring Available with additional collection chamber for use with two pleural drains (10102). Paediatric version available, Compact S (10130). 1000 Fine Suction Tuning

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Chest Drainage - 4

When connected to wall suction Variant automatically regulates the suction level. Variant (10112) • Patented mechanical valve allows fine tuning of suction from -5 to -40 cm H20 - with extreme accuracy. • Flow indicator confirms correct drain operation • With clamp and lock-in connector on patient tubing. • Available with additional collection chamber for use with two pleural drains (10119). • Paediatric version available, Variant S (10117). “ Controlling suction using a calibrated, mechanical valve ” AUTO REGULATED SUCTION ^ Mechanical Suction Regulation Valve Flow Indicator Dune Providing...

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Chest Drainage - 5

A closed circuit post-operative blood recovery system for cardiac surgery, with integral double stage filtration. 200micron filter in collection chamber and 40micron filter in the blood reservoir. AUTO REGULATED SUCTION Emotrans Dune (10140) • Patented, mechanical valve automatically regulates suction level. • High performance drainage and transfusion. • Recovered blood can be transferred to an Emotrans blood bag (10141). Connects to cell saving equipment with dedicated tubing (10525). • Wet system also available (10163)

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Chest Drainage - 6

Simple 3mobile The most innovative solution for chest drainage management available in the UK – for both post-operative and critical care applications. Fitting a small mobile, electric suction device allows the drainage unit to operate fully independently of wall suction. Simple 3Mobile (10125) • Visual patient air leak monitoring – from separate underwater seal. • Intrapleural pressure monitoring – for observation of patient’s ‘swing’. • Gravity mode, wall-regulated, or portable unit controlled suction. Patient Mobility ” Portable Battery Suction Unit (Mobile 10174) • Digital suction level...

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Chest Drainage - 7

Palm Evo A complete system for thoracic drainage – combining lightweight, portable suction with digital air leak monitoring. Palm Evo (10192) • Easy user interface with separate screens for suction settings and patient monitoring. • Digital and graph modes on colour touch screen. • Selectable suction up to 6Kpa. • Total patient monitoring, with real time and historical air leak and intrapleural pressure data. • Monitors and records air leak data in both suction and gravity modes. • Stores 96 hours of data to display, or for pc download. • Up to 36 hours of independent battery use. AIR LEAK...

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Chest Drainage - 8

From experience, NEW drainage technologies... Redax combines experience and innovation with the ability to interpret clinical requirements. Redax has developed its entire range of drainage systems, and its own production lines, thanks to its research centre which designs and develops new products through ongoing co-operation with doctors, engineers and leading opinion leaders. The ability to provide such a broad and complete range of drains is made possible through a deep understanding of raw materials for biomedical use and by the presence in Redax of all the necessary production...

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